Principals of Management

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Chapter One – Managing Effectively in a Changing World
1.List the four functions of management

2. How is globalization related to each of the four functions of management?
For example the Hershey Company is a highly globalized company. When managers are in the planning process they must look at whom they are serving and where. A product that sells out in Mexico may not have the same outcome in the United States. Hershey’s excels in the fact that they view employees as valuable resources. Hershey’s wants employees to feel empowered in their decision-making. Empowerment makes for a positive work environment.

3. How is technology related to each of the four functions of management?
Technology can enhance managers' leadership skills when installed and used properly. The planning function of management involves collecting, arranging and analyzing large sets of data on a range of metrics, and technology is suited perfectly to assist in these tasks.

Chapter Two – The Evolution of Management
4.List five shortcomings that were attributed to one or more classical management structures Systematic Management
Scientific Management
Administrative Management
Human Relations

5. Write a paragraph on the relationship between data and today’s managers.
Technologies change how we work, produce goods, and deliver services. Change continually creates both new opportunities and new demands for lowering cost and for achieving greater innovation, quality, and speed. Change is happening more rapidly and dramatically than at any other time in history. If you don’t anticipate change and adapt to it, you will not thrive in a competitive business.

Chapter Three – The Organizational Environment and Culture 6a.What are the four strategies that managers should use to stay competitive in the business environment? Keep up with changes in the environment

Respond to the environment
Influence the...
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