Topics: Mona Lisa, Marcel Duchamp, Louvre Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: October 21, 2013
Difference between fine art and commercial art
John Berger: limited commercial art
Nudity, Publicity art
Difference between fine art and commercial art
Fine art: Beautiful, personal expression
Commercial art : market, sales, specific audience

Body paragraph 1
Nudity art give a different meaning on fine art and commercial art, From Greek and Roman art to Michelangelo and the Renaissance artists, nudity has been used to represent beauty, frailty, shame and power, not just sex and sensnality In advertising/ commercial art, nudity can attrach ppl’s eye and sell good but it lacks any meaningful diversity. Compare with fine art, nudity in commercial art is more restricted

Body paragraph 2
Publicity art

In terms of design elements and principles alone, the Mona lisa is known as a compositional whole, whether she appears as Duncham’s L.H. O.O.Q. with mustache or as part of an adbertisement for Prince spaghetti sauce. The visual language changes subtly as an imange moves from its original context – in this case oil on canvas – to the alrenatre context: for example, scale and surface texture changes when the Mona Lisa appears in a magazine advertisement. Nonetheless, the image I this example remains fairlt constant as a compositional whole. We do not see the image in a visual paradigm alone, but in a complexity of cultural contexys. Because the collective we, as a culture, come to an image with an awareness of the historical construct of a particular time period or the cultural construct of what a particular image, such as the Mona Lisa, has come to mean over time, an image is changed through placement in a new cultural...
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