Sex in the Media

Topics: Advertising, Female, Sexual arousal Pages: 4 (1295 words) Published: August 3, 2007
Sexuality in the media has been a widely discussed topic amongst people for many years. Sexuality isn't portrayed only on television, but in magazines, advertisements, and movies. Is sexuality in media really necessary? Does sex actually help advertising? How do people respond to this? These questions are all important when deciding what is appropriate and what isn't.

People in today's society are largely focused on sexuality. Sexuality is what is hip now and its popularity is getting bigger and bigger, but does it push the envelope in certain advertisements? A lot of people think so. A lot of people believe that sex in advertising is inappropriate and has very bad taste. The images are very influential to people especially children. Sexual advertising is said to help make products more desirable which makes sales increase very rapidly. Others feel that sexuality in advertising is good for society because it makes people more aware of a product and are more likely to purchase it.

Magazines are the most popular for having sexual advertising due to many different types of products with specific target markets. Ranging from cigarette ads to perfume, many symbolize sexuality to persuade their costumers. The idea that children have access to a lot of these magazines concerns many people including advertisement firms. Of course you cannot avoid children seeing magazines and the advertisements inside, but there is a line that shouldn't be crossed that unfortunately does with certain advertisements. This advertisement below is for Calvin Klein underwear. It shows a young woman in a bra and underwear looking very youthful and sexy.

In advertising it is easy to get a man's attention by using women's bodies and associates getting the woman if he buys the product. It is playing on his instinctive rather than intellectual view of the world. The ad does not talk about her qualifications for sexual desire, because just her image is enough to intrigue a man. For...
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