Positioning Nova Scotia for American Tourists

Topics: Nova Scotia, Provinces and territories of Canada, Canada Pages: 4 (1179 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Positioning Nova Scotia for American Tourists
Nova Scotia is one of the ten provinces of Canada competing for tourism but its results are way behind those of other provinces. Nova Scotia is known as “Canada’s ocean playground”, it is surrounded by water and temperatures are moderated by the ocean. However, it is not a priority destination for American tourists. Tourism is important for the economy of Nova Scotia; they need to increase the venue of tourists. Nova Scotia needs a good positioning and lacks consistency in its promotional message. 1. Which US consumer segments can Nova Scotia reasonably attack? Nova Scotia should redefine its market segmentation; it is not possible to have everything that fits everyone’s needs. Its main attraction is the fact that it is surrounded by water and that the weather is moderated; this allows activities such as kayak, canoe and fishing for instance. We thought that Nova Scotia could focus on resorts vacationers seeking water sports and good weather. Another asset of Nova Scotia is its beautiful landscape, and the activities provided to vacationers such as camping in Cape Breton, trips to watch whales and other animals, among others so it could also target outdoor vacationers seeking clean air, rest, quiet and beautiful scenery. As they can get to Nova Scotia by car, Eastern American tourists should be targeted as well. 2. What are some of the (positioning) errors committed in the past? Nova Scotia committed errors in the past regarding positioning as they did not have any consistency in their message. Their different past campaigns all had a different message, as they were trying something new to attract vacationers every time. As they did not segment their market well, they were trying to attract everyone with those campaigns and as a result, did not attract many people. We also saw that they have made promotional videos. The problem with these videos is that there was no consistency between the images...
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