Topics: Meningitis, Cerebrospinal fluid, Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder Pages: 3 (307 words) Published: October 15, 2014
HCP Hydrocephalus
Increase production, decrease absoption of CSF in the ventricular system. Clinical Manisfestations:
Headache improves when sittign upright
Cries when picked up or rocked and quiet when laid down
Shrill high pitched cry
EARLY (infancy)
-rapid head growth
-bulging fontanels (Tense and nonpalsatile)
-Dilated scalp viens
-Separted sutures
-Thin skull bones
-Frontal enlargement
-Depressed eyes
-Setting sun( sclera visible above iris)
-Pupils sluggish and unequal to light

Cx an increased intracraninal pressure, resulting in dilation of ventrilces. Mainly occur at the sagittal suture of children younger than 12. DX: measure head circumference for increasing size over 2-4 weeks with neourological signs MRI and CT scan

TX: Sugical treatment removal of tumor or placing a shunt. Massive doses of ABX to prevent CNS infection
CSF drains monitor output and don’t remove dsg for any reason Interventions:
Moitor for IICP 
meausing head
paplate fontanels
VS/LOCFeeding pattern
Postion of unoperate side
Lay flat
HOB elevated 30 degress
Head midline facilate drainage and prevent JVD

Toxic encephalopathy, with organ involvement
Cx: Taking aspirin during a viral infection commonly flu and varicella Dx: elevated ammonia level
Impaired consciousness
Decresed hepatic function
*Cerebral edema with IICP*
TX: Lumbar puncture, blood tests, monitor I&Os ( dehydration or cerebral edema risk), monotir for hypovolemic shock, liver dysfuction impaired coagulation ( prolonged bleeding times) FEBILE SEIZURE:

Tempeture reaches 101.8, seizures occur when temp increased not after. Most children will not have epilepsy or neurologic damage
Occurs between 6 months and 3 years old
Common in male
Diazepam rectually
Prophylaxis if focal or prolonger sizure occur
No tepid baths
Call 911 if seizure last longer than 5 mins

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