Steroids Usage

Topics: Testosterone, Professional sports, Human body Pages: 4 (1332 words) Published: April 11, 2013

Should athletes be allowed to use performance enhancement drugs in professional and minor sports if everyone can access them? Or is it an unfair advantage that athletes use to get the upper hand? This argument stands today, which divides opinions around the sporting world. Steroids is known throughout the sporting world as a way to cheat and enhance your physical appearance and abilities, but it is also a life saver and a common way to help the body, there are two sides to it. There are always two sides to an argument one side might think that it is right while the other side will have different views and opinions. As an athlete I know about the use of steroids and I have seen people who have used it. I wanted to learn more about performance enhancement drugs and how they are used in the sporting world and in the medical field. Throughout my research I have seen that there are many different viewpoints and ideas on this topic. Before I could determine my answer I had to know what steroids were and how they affected the body, I had to know the history of how steroids were used in professional sports.

I have seen in the media the topic about steroids being brought up. I know that performance enhancement drugs are illegal in the United States. I have read of cases where famous athletes used performance enhancement drugs to increase their performance abilities, however the courts ruled that the use of performance enhancement drugs are way to cheat and present an extreme health risk with excessive use. The topic is controversial because with access of performance enhancement drugs increasing and new ways to disguise the traces left in the body can officials control the use of steroids.

I selected this topic because as an athlete I know a lot about the use of steroids, but I would like to go more in depth and research about this topic. I am interested knowing how people can access and how they can disguise the traces left in the...
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