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What has had the greatest impact on reducing infant mortality in the United States? A) Improvements in perinatal care
Feedback: CORRECT
The improvements in perinatal care, in particular respiratory care and care of the mother-baby dyad before delivery, have had the greatest impact.

B) Decreased incidence of congenital abnormalities
There has been a decrease in some congenital anomalies such as spina bifida, but this is not the greatest impact.

C) Better maternal nutrition
Better maternal nutrition has had a positive influence but not the greatest overall impact.

D) Improved funding for health care
Changes in funding have not had the greatest impact.

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Correct Answer(s):

The role of the pediatric nurse is influenced by trends in health care. The greatest trend in health care is: A) Primary focus on treatment of disease or disability.
Traditionally this is the role of the physician.

B) National health care planning on a distributive or episodic basis. Feedback: INCORRECT
This is not a major trend.

C) Accountability to professional codes and international standards. Feedback: INCORRECT
This is an established responsibility, not a trend.

D) Shift of focus to prevention of illness and maintenance of health. Feedback: CORRECT
Prevention is the current focus of health care, one in which nursing plays a major role.

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Correct Answer(s):

Evidence-based practice, a current health care trend, is best described as: A) Gathering evidence of mortality and morbidity in children. Feedback: INCORRECT
This will assist the nurse in determining areas of concern and potential involvement.

B) Meeting physical and psychosocial needs of the child and family in all areas of practice. Feedback: INCORRECT
It is not possible to meet all needs of the family and child in all areas of practice. The nurse is an advocate for the family.

C) Using a professional code of ethics as a means for professional self-regulation. Feedback: INCORRECT
This is part of the professional role and licensure.

D) Questioning why something is effective and whether there is a better approach. Feedback: CORRECT
Evidence-based practice helps to focus on measurable outcomes and the use of demonstrated, effective interventions and questions whether there is a better approach.

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Correct Answer(s):

The etiology component of the nursing diagnosis describes:
A) Projected changes in an individual's health status, clinical conditions, or behavior. Feedback: INCORRECT
These are the outcomes or goals that are established.

B) An individual's response to health pattern deficits in the child, family, or community. Feedback: INCORRECT
This is the definition of the problem statement, the first component of the nursing diagnosis.

C) A cluster of cues and/or defining characteristics that are derived from patient assessment and indicate actual health problems. Feedback: INCORRECT
This is the third part of the nursing diagnosis, the signs and symptoms.

D) Physiologic, situational, and maturational factors that cause the problem or influence its development. Feedback: CORRECT
This is the definition of etiology, the second component of the nursing diagnosis.

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Correct Answer(s):

When the nurse uses a standard nursing care plan as a guide in planning care for a hospitalized child, what should be eliminated? A) Expected outcome/goal
Expected outcomes/goals would be made specific to the child and family and remain part of the care plan.

B) Dependent nursing functions
Dependent nursing functions made specific to the child and family would remain.

C) Problems not pertinent to the child or family
Feedback: CORRECT
These are general...
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