Parent Involvement Essay Example

Pages: 2 (847 words) Published: January 19, 2011
The involvement of parents in monitoring learning progress of a student is of vital importance to the learner’s progress. In particular, documenting learning and behavioral progress helps identify specific improvements and needs that are yet to be addressed whether in school or at home. In the interview conducted, I noted the active participation of the parent in the learning process, and how it affects the success of an Individualized Education Program. Parental Role in Individualized Education Program parents plays a vital role in the Individualized Education Program of their children. Basically, problems of children needing relevant SPED program can initially be identified at home as it is where they first manifest. Noting details in the child’s behavior and learning ability does not end in the house. Collaboration with the educator on a regular basis will help bring about progress to the learning individual. The interview session generally aimed to find out the extent of the parent’s involvement in their child’s education. The questions are directed towards a mother of a child with special needs, she has a 10 yr old son who has autism. The first question was how has NCLB (general education and special education reform) affected the relationship between parents and teachers? The mom saw absolutely no difference in public schools while this program was in place, perhaps because they did not participate or were not a recipient. One primary goal of NCLB is to facilitate increased involvement of parents in their children’s education. Under this legislation, parents now have more control than ever over their child’s education. One the one hand this provides parents with the information they require concerning their children’s education. It is not yet completely known how this issue will affect the relationship between parents of students with disabilities and their teachers. It certainly seems as if the intent of NCLB is to facilitate improved communication...
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