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1.1Background of the Company

William Procter from England and James Gamble from Ireland had come to Cincinnati. Both gentlemen did not plan to permanently stay in England despite the busyness of the city they came to. Cincinnati was then a famous and a busy center of commerce and industry in the early nineteenth century. Despite their intentions, however, both men ended their travels when they arrived at the Queen City of the West where William took care of his ailing wife, Martha, who soon died of illness, and James sought medical attention for himself.

As for William Procter, he had become a famous candle maker and James Gamble became a soap maker. Both of this gentlemen met when the married to sisters, Olivia and Elizabeth Norris.

After getting married, William Procter and James Gamble were invited by their father-in-law to become his business partners. In the year 1837, Alexander Norris, their father-in-law had suggested to open a new enterprise which was named as Procter and Gamble. On April 1837, William Procter and James Gamble start making and selling their soap and candles. The formal partnership agreement is signed on October 31, 1837.

1.2Nature of Business

The nature of the company’s business relies mostly on healthcare products, beauty care products, toys, baby and family care products, fabric and home care and also snacks and coffee products. The business of P&G is done globally ever since the nineteenth century. Although the nature of business has some similarly by its competitors, it has a strong brand name and had created brand awareness among people around the world. Thus, the business had sustained its competitive advantage among its competitors. Four of P&G's latest product developments have used P&G's research expertise to satisfy new consumer needs in the fabric care, cleaning, and food areas. •Dryel fabric care system allows home cleaning of dry-clean-only clothing. The Dryel system uses pre-moistened cloths with odor-removing vapors to penetrate the fabric without fading or shrinking dry-clean-only clothing. The Dryel kit includes a stain remover and absorbent cloths, pre-moistened Dryel cloths, and a reusable Dryel bag. •Febreze fabric spray removes odors from lightweight and heavy fabrics and upholstery. As the formula dries into the fabric, odors are cleaned away, leaving clothing, drapes, and other fabrics smelling fresh. In summer 2000, P&G will introduce Febreze Clean Wash, a liquid laundry aid for use with regular detergent. •Swiffer cleaning cloths use an electrostatic charge to attract and trap household dirt and dust. The cloths can be used by hand as disposable dust cloths, or they can be attached to the lightweight Swiffer sweeper for use on floors and other surfaces. •Fit Fruit & Vegetable Wash removes dirt, pesticides, and handling residue from produce, making it safer and healthier to eat. It is available in spray, soak, and rinse form, as well as in a heavy-duty commercial form under the name Professional Line Fit Antibacterial Produce Cleaner. 1.3Products or Services Offered

The above shown products are just a part of the products that are offered by Procter and Gamble. These products are the most sold products throughout the world. Below are the range of other products and services offered by Procter and Gamble:

1.4Success Story of the Company

P&G's History of 'Firsts'
Year Product
1948Tide: first synthetic detergent
1962Crest: first fluoride toothpaste
1972Pampers: first disposable diaper
1975Bounce: first fabric softener dryer sheet
1988 Pert Plus: first 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner
Source: "85 Years," 1999, "Living In Future," 1999

(Year 2001)

In the year 2001, P&G acquires the Clairol business from Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. Clairol is a world leader in hair color and hair care products. P&G and Viacom Plus announce a major multimedia marketing partnership. Crest Spin Brush is brought to...

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