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Topics: Organizational studies and human resource management, Motivation, Culture Pages: 5 (1350 words) Published: September 28, 2014
University of British Columbia

Sauder School of Business

Organizational Behaviour and Management
Study Questions: The purpose of the questions below is to guide your reading and thinking about the material prior to your arrival in class. Your instructor will assume that you have a basic understanding of these issues before you come to class, and will use class time to highlight more difficult concepts, introduce additional material and conduct application exercises. If, after doing your reading, there is something that you do not understand, or feel needs further elaboration, please raise your questions during the class. Introduction

• What is OB?
• What are the challenges for OB in the 21st century?
• How does OB make sense of behaviour?
• What does it mean to say that OB takes a contingency approach? Skills for the New Workplace
• What is the “Competing Values Framework”?
• What kinds of skills does the Competing Values Framework suggest are useful for individuals to have?
• How do these skills link up with the activities and needs of today’s organizations? Perception and Personality
• What is perception?
• What factors affect our perception?
• What does attribution theory tell us?
• What are the shortcuts and biases people use in judging others? • What is the self-fulfilling prophecy?
• What is personality? What are its determinants?
• Describe the Big Five Model of personality.
• What major personality attributes most influence OB?
• What are emotions? How do they affect the workplace?
• What is emotional labour?
• What is emotional intelligence?
Values and Attitudes
• What is the difference between a value and an attitude?
• Describe the GLOBE framework for assessing cultural values. • Explain why gen-xers and baby boomers might not get along in the workplace. • What are the implications of Canada’s multicultural society on the workplace? Illustrate this from your knowledge of aboriginal values, francophone values and east and southeast Asian values.

• What is job satisfaction?
• What factors affect job satisfaction?
• How does satisfaction affect performance and productivity? • What is organizational commitment and how can it be increased? • What is cultural intelligence and how does it help us understand people’s reactions to experiencing different cultures?


Group Effectiveness
What is the difference between a team and a group?
What do roles and norms have to do with teams?
What are the stages of group development?
What implications can be drawn from the punctuated equilibrium model? What are the different roles required for effective group and team functioning? What functions are involved in each role?
What is motivation?
What are the basic elements of Herzberg’s theory of motivation? What is expectancy theory?
What is MBO? How does it differ from goal setting theory?
What are the basic points of equity theory?
How might a person respond when he or she perceives an inequity in his or her wages? What are the similarities and differences among needs theories (e.g., Maslow, Herzberg), equity theory and expectancy theory? How relevant are each to the problems of performance and satisfaction?

How can we use cognitive evaluation theory to help us design a motivation program? What is the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation? How can we increase intrinsic motivation?
What are some employee recognition programs and what kind of effects do they have? Describe the different variable pay programs.
Do motivation theories apply uniformly across cultures? Why or why not? What does it mean to say that organizations sometimes engage in folly when they design their reward system?
Do you think rewards can ever be eliminated? Why or why not? Performance Appraisal
What is the purpose of performance appraisal?
What are the pros and cons of evaluating outcomes, behaviours and traits? Who should be involved in doing performance appraisals?
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