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GS2745 / GS2747 Advanced Strategies for the Technical Professional Onsite Course

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Advanced Strategies for the Technical Professional


Unit 2 Quiz 1
Scope This quiz covers material from the first unit of the course.

Select the one BEST answer to each question below. This is an open-book quiz. Students may consult their textbooks and their own class notes while taking this quiz. Students may not consult any other resources, including other students, either in person or by electronic means.

1. Which of the following scenarios does NOT represent the concept of GRIT? A. Mary just began her job. She’s been trying to find a position like this one for years. When she found out that it would take a degree, she completed one. When she found out she’d have to get an extra certification, she finished it. Now that she’s in the job, she’s a bit challenged and overwhelmed but she’s not going to give up. B. Jim is a weight lifter. He practices hour after hour after hour lifting as much weight as he can in various formats and according to a strict training schedule. Recently, he’s joined a new gym in hopes of challenging himself in new ways. C. Carla loves to start new projects. She is responsible for leading four new projects currently, but two of those that were started earliest are falling behind schedule. Carla probably needs to go back to school and finish the project management degree she started but she had to leave the program when she had some issues with repairs to her apartment and she lost easy transportation. She could have taken the bus but it arrived at her home too early in the morning. D. Jerry is a musician. He has been practicing his musical scales for years and years. Every day he does the same scales over and over and over. He gets bored with them but he keeps at it, challenging himself to add flourishes here and there as he plays.

2. In the context of character qualities, GRIT means A. Get It Right the first Time B. persistence C. enthusiasm D. dirt



Advanced Strategies for the Technical Professional


3. Which of the following scenarios does NOT represent the concept of ENTHUSIASM? A. Kayla is a loyal member of the team. She comes prepared to every meeting. The department head sometimes has to ask her a question in meetings twice to get her attention but she is mostly engaged as an active listener in meetings. B. Jill encourages everyone around her. People often make comments like, “I really didn’t want to do that but Jill was so excited about it that I didn’t want to let her down.” C. Sam is leading the project and somehow he has inspired his whole team to wear matching shirts, work late and develop a team mantra, all in the period of two weeks! It looks like they’ll finish their work a week early. D. Carmen is like the Energizer bunny. She never seems to stop going, going, going. She exercises before work, works hard all day, coaches her children’s sports teams after work and volunteers at church.

4. In the context of character qualities, ENTHUSIASM is the same as A. Vitality B. Organization C. Self-control D. Honesty

5. List some common obstacles faced by college students, working adults, and families. (8 valid obstacles = full credit; 4-7 valid obstacles = half credit; 0-3 obstacles = no credit.)











Advanced Strategies for the Technical Professional




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General Instructions: To answer each question, darken the circle corresponding to the best answer...
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