Psych 620 week 3 open book test

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Week Three Open Book Test

The following 25 questions are based on the Week Three readings. You may use your textbooks to complete this open-book test.

True or False

Determine whether each statement is true or false and write your answer in the “True of False” column

Statement Answer
All cultures share a common need to solve similar human problems. True American psychologists tend to treat their research as being universally applicable. True Horizontal relationships, such as relationships with coworkers and peers, are more important in individualistic cultures than collectivist cultures. False Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders are included in the Asian American ethnic group. True The largest minority group in the United States is currently African Americans. False To experience stereotype threat, one needs to accept that the stereotype about oneself is true. False White Europeans represent the majority of the U.S. population. True

Fill in the Blank

The number of words you must include in the “Answer” column is indicated by the number of blank lines in the “Statement” column. Write your answers in the “Answer” column.

Statement Answer
___________ threat occurs when negative stereotypes about one's group are used to interpret one's behavior. Stereotype According to the American Psychological Association, all individuals are ___________ beings Human In the year ________, psychology professionals first paid attention to the culture within the psychology profession. 1879 By 1800, _________ could vote and hold office everywhere in the United States except Maryland and New Hampshire. Jews Cross-cultural psychologists test theories with the notion that culture was ____________ of the individual and separate from psychological activities and principles. General Knowledge Culture evolved because it contributed to human ________ and reproduction. Evolution Definitions and conceptualizations of culture in...
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