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Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Mission, Vision, Values and Goals

Course Number: MGT599
Trident University
Dr. Nanette Scarpellini Metz
April 22, 2013

Kraft Foods Group, Inc. has a mission and vision statement that accurately reflects the strategic business plan and encompasses their brand. These statements have been effectively written to be mutually supporting and provide the roadmap for continued success. Based upon Kraft’s mission and vision statement, the company has developed a well-rounded set of values centered upon a “Responsibility” approach. The company has also identified and pursued incremental goal subsets that are moving the company in the direction of the vision statement via following the mission statement parameters. I ascertain Kraft Foods Group, Inc. is and will continue to be a successful business in the near and long term.

Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Mission, Vision, Values and Goals
Kraft Foods Group, Inc. has developed an effective business plan strategy that includes concise mission statement, vision statement, values and goals. The original company was established over 100 years ago; however, it has undergone significant restructuring in October, 2012 by splitting into two separate companies (Forbes, 2013). The resultant Kraft Foods Group, Inc. manufactures and markets packaged food products, including beverages, cheeses, convenient meals and various grocery products primarily marketed within the North American markets with the majority of its sales coming from the U.S. and Canadian markets. The company has embraced both its long standing heritage and this recent restructure through its mission and vision statements. These statements along with the company’s rich history provide the framework for its values and goals. This paper provides a critical analysis of all four of these characteristics to determine the effectiveness of its overall business strategy. Mission Statement

“Our Mission is to be North America’s best food & beverage company. Our company has a great heritage that we’re building into an even greater future.” (Kraft Foods Group, ND).

Kraft Foods Group mission statement is clearly and succinctly communicated with the vital components of a successful and effective statement (Kraft Foods Group Website, ND). Kraft’s mission statement explains what the business does, who the target market is and how it accomplishes this. These are vital criteria identified in an article written by Ms. Jennell Evans, President and CEO of Strategic Interactions, Inc., a workplace performance improvement firm (Evans, 2010). Kraft Foods Group clearly manufactures food and beverage products for the North American market place through tried and proven methods developed over many years that constitute its heritage. Additionally, their mission statement meets criteria I’ve developed (Expressive, Concise, Possible, Inspirational and Memorable) through analysis I’ve conducted using a variety of sources in my paper “Mission & Vision Statement Criterion and Comparison.” Kraft’s mission statement is clearly Expressive with the company’s goal to become the best in North America, describes what they produce and how they draw upon years of experience. It is Concise in length and the deliberate use of words to communicate. Their goal to become North America’s largest company in its market is Possible and plausible within the scope of their business. Kraft Foods Group is already the fourth largest packaged food and beverage company in North America (Kraft Foods Group, ND). The mission statement is Inspirational and Memorable with the incredible goal to become the market’s largest company and the longevity displayed in its one hundred and ten year heritage. Every imaginable stakeholder is directly addressed through Kraft’s mission statement. Consumers realize the proven quality through longevity. Shareholders and employees understand the desire of the company to become the...
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