Mgt/311 Study Guide

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MGT/311 Final Examination Study Guide

This study guide will prepare you for the Final Examination you will complete in the final week. It contains practice questions, which are related to each week’s objectives. In addition, refer to each week’s readings and your student guide as study references for the Final Examination.

Week One: Individual Employee Characteristics

Objective: Evaluate individual characteristics of employees.

1. Jan is a security officer. Jan believes that it is important to know exactly who is in the office at any given time. She notices that some employees do not sign out of the office when they take lunch, which makes it impossible to keep track of who is actually in the office. Jan becomes frustrated with those employees. She makes note of them and reports them to their supervisors.

In the above scenario, what is the behavioral component of Jan's attitude to the employees who did not sign out of the office?

a. Jan does not like that some employees do not sign out of the office when they take lunch. b. Jan finds it impossible to keep track of who is actually in the office. c. Jan becomes frustrated with those employees who do not sign out of the office. d. Jan notes which employees leave the office without signing out, and reports them to their supervisors.

2. Joseph was very excited about moving into his new office with a window, after 4 years of working in a cubicle. However, after moving in, he found that nothing had really changed. His level of work satisfaction remained the same. Which of the following explains what happened to Joseph? a. People tend to overestimate the pleasure they will receive from a future positive event. b. People tend to overestimate the sadness they will feel when experiencing a future negative event. c. People experience both positive and negative emotions differently. d. People tend to do a good job of predicting how they are going to feel when something happens.

3. Marina loves to visit a new country every year. Her hobbies are visiting museums, painting, traveling, and learning new languages. Which dimension of the Big Five model best describes Marina, according to her hobbies? a. Agreeableness

b. Conscientiousness
c. Openness to experience
d. Emotional stability

Objective: Analyze the impact of individual employee characteristics on organizational performance.

4. Carlos is upset because his boss gave him work to finish over the weekend. It is Friday. Which of the following will LEAST help Carlos lift his spirits? a. Attending his Friday night soccer match

b. Playing video games with his friends
c. Going out to dinner with his friends
d. Going to the party at his girlfriend's house

5. Julie smiles and acts politely toward a customer at her checkout, even though she really deeply dislikes this customer. What is the term used to explain the disparity between the emotion Julie displays and the emotions she is actually experiencing?

a. Emotional exposure
b. Felt emotions
c. Emotional dissonance
d. Emotional distance

6. Sharon is unhappy in her job for many reasons. Yesterday a customer asked her where the shampoo was located. Sharon listlessly replied, "I don't know." She then turned her back on the customer and continued stocking the shelf.

This is an example of how job satisfaction can affect

a. employee OCB
b. customer satisfaction
c. absenteeism
d. turnover

Objective: Determine management methods based on individual employee characteristics.

7. During an annual review, Mitchel made the following assertion: "When I look at myself and my performance I see that what I have achieved is outstanding and has, not surprisingly, won me the admiration and envy of most of my colleagues. I notice that everyone keeps talking about me; they are all just waiting to find out what triumph I will pull off next! In short, I don't just deserve a raise, but need...
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