Media Buying and Planning

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Marketing 345 - Media Planning and Buying
Chapter 1 - Introduction
-Goal of the class -Review of syllabus - Expectations
Goal of All Advertising
Get consumers to buy your product and to continue to buy your product.
Media – A message delivery system -The way to distribute your product message -Where / How consumers find out about your product
Media Planning -Part of bigger marketing picture
-Determine the best ways to get your advertising message out there -Who is the target for the product? -What is the best way to reach the target? -How will the advertising budget be distributed?

-What are the goals for the product? -Affected by the creative strategy -Work closely with CMOs and marketing group in all disciplines
The Media Plan -A recommended framework that provides who, what, when, where and how the
advertising message will be heard and seen. -Provides a calendar of all advertising for the client -Provides a rationale for each of the media recommended -Provides goals and expectations of the media employed

Classes of Media Traditional Mass Media
-Broad based, everyone has access -Quickly deliver large audiences at a low cost -Deliver advertisements to special kinds of audiences who are attracted to each
medium’s editorial or programming content -Develop strong loyalties with audience who use medium regularly -Distinguish between content and advertising
I.e. Vogue in September is 5 lbs. – all the ads Gardening magazine provides how to expertise with ads for products that
help you do it
-Radio and television, newspapers and magazines -One way communication from source to viewer, no engagement
Non- Traditional media -Any other way of delivering advertising to consumers -Often called out-of home
Exposure to public in unique locations -Examples – sales promotions, samples, TVs in golf carts or doctor’s offices, stair
advertising, GMA, Today Show and Fuse studios -Lack of ability to measure audience
Online Media -Real time interaction between the user and content provider via the internet -Conventional websites, social media (Facebook, LinkedIn), search engine
marketing, web enabled cell phones, long-form high-def videodelivered to TV via
computer -Planned and purchased under traditional planning buying groups vs. online
planning and buying groups Specialized Media / Niche
-Trade publications – business-to-business (B2B) -“How to” tapes provided by makers of the product -Catalogues – L.L. Bean, American Girl -FSI – Free Standing Inserts in Sunday paper

General Media Planning Procedures -Media are a tool for implementing a marketing strategy -Media plan is an analysis of the marketing situation
Try to solve a problem -Client determines the marketing strategy and plan stating marketing objectives
and actions to accomplish those objectives Sometimes agency is involved
-Client and creative agency determine creative strategy This also determines the client profile
Age, sex, income, occupation -Marketing and market research people responsible for Situation Analysis and
Marketing Plan The lay of the land Size and share of total market Sales history, costs and profits Distribution practices Methods of selling Use of advertising Identification of prospects The nature of the product

-Marketing strategy plan Marketing Objectives
Product spending strategy Distribution strategy Which elements of marketing mix to use
Identify best market segments -Media planners determine Media Objectives to attain Marketing Objectives -Media Objectives...
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