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Media seller's and buyer's panel experience report

By ok9461 Sep 26, 2014 495 Words
Media Sellers & Buyers Panel Experience Report, ADV352, SS14 After taking two panel discussions have been presented by the professional workers from both side of media sellers & buyers’ position, which also provided us a better understanding of how the real world working at current market, and especially gained my attention about the present facts on media buyers’ side that I would like to pursue my career in the upcoming future. With the rapid growth of our society, the competition and challenges has reached a higher level. Here are some points that I summarized from the guest speaking. When it comes to the greatest challenge in media market today by both seller & buyer sides, there are two sets of explanation; on the one hand, as a media seller, you have to face the increasing challenges given by well-connected nowadays new technology with current advertising commercial, technology marketing has been become a crucial ability to master in order to survive during the competition; and on the other hand, with regarding the buyers’ side, the first thing that pops up will be the highly changing market environment. Everything is changing which makes changes not only became the greatest challenge but also the benefits. There are many people selling the same things, and as a buying media worker, at present time, the word is provided you a lot options that there are plenty of things you can buy, but you cannot buy it all. It has been hard to utilizing just your information to make the decision of it. According to our guest speaking, Tara has shared her experience about the process of how do buyers follow in evaluating media as a part of their marketing strategies that they analysis the result of pre-advertising campaign, and she always chose to work with someone who knows product very well for the purpose of reaching the best plan of the product. As for a future worker in this filed, there are also some lessons have been providing for assistance by our guest speakers. To be a successful media worker, the most significant feature is relationship building, people need to improve their communication skills, be creative, to maintain the power of guiding results. to become someone people trusted and liked. Be prepared and get to know them. The more prepared you are, the more professional you performed. Do make an appointment before you coming by, to show your respect for their time. Tried not to be someone else, just your personality. When it comes to something you do not know, do not act you know, to be honest, and find the answer for customer later. Knowing how the have the interpersonal communication, to be able to talk to them face to face. Being responsible of what you said. And the last core, never tried to speak a bad word against your competitors in front of your customers. There will be no assistance of your work except lowering their impressions on you.

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