Marketing Plan for a Cosmetic Company Essay Example

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Clarée is preparing to launch a new whole division in mature and emerging markets. Despite the dominance of the Personal Care brands; we can compete because our product offers a unique combination of features at a value added price. We are targeting specific segments in the consumer and business markets (Beauty Saloon), taking advantage of opportunities indicated by higher demand for the natural based personal care products. The primary marketing objective is to achieve first year market share in the following markets as per the following pattern: The primary financial objective is to achieve $60,000 Sales. CURRENT MARKETING SITUATION:

Clarée, founded a year ago by Herbion Pvt. ltd is about to enter in the market more formally. Natural personal care brands are increasingly popular today; forecasts suggest that annual of natural personal care products will row more than 50% percent for the next three years. Competition is therefore more intense even as personal care brands, industry consolidation continues, and pricing pressures squeeze profitability. Yet the worldwide market remains substantial, with annual sales of 10 to 15 millions units. To gain market share in this dynamic environment, Clarée must be carefully target specific segments with features that deliver benefits valued by each customer group. MARKET DESCRIPTION:

Clarée market consists of consumers and business (Beauty Saloons/hotels/airlines) that prefer to use nature based premium personal care products to pamper their skin, body and hairs. Table 1.1 will show the how Clarée addresses the needs of targeted consumer and the business markets. PRODUCT REVIEW:

Our Product descriptions are
Target Segments Customers Need Corresponding Features/Benefit Professionals (Beauty Saloon)
Corporate Users (airlines)

The emergence of many new personal care brand manufacturer has pressured industry participants to continually add features,...
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