|Main(Technical) Competencies for: " Vice President in Customer-Centric Innovation"

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|Main(Technical) Competencies For: " Vice president in | |Customer-Centric Innovation" | | | | Karafarin Bank Faraz Network Co. |

The qualified candidate is expected to be competent in managing the three following core business areas (Processes).

The areas of competency in each core process has been explained in details in the following pages.

1.0 Managing Design and Develop Banking Products and Services

1.1 Design Banking products and services

1.1.1 Develop strategy and concepts for new Banking products and services Research customer and market needs Plan and develop cost and quality targets Develop product life cycle and development timing targets Research leading technology components and development requirements Integrate leading technology into product/ service concept and components

1.1.2 Produce new products and services, and evaluate and refine existing products and services Translate customer wants and needs into product/ service ideas Generate new product/service ideas Evaluate existing products based on NPD[1] strategy Identify enhancements/extensions to existing product and services Define product and service functionality Retire outdated products/services Identify and refine performance indicators

1.1.3 Design, build, and evaluate products and services Assign resources to product/service project Prepare high-level business case and technical assessment Develop product/service design specifications Document design specifications

1.1.4 Test market for new or revised products and services Prepare detailed market study Conduct customer tests and interviews Finalize product/service characteristics and business cases Finalize technical requirements

1.1.5 Prepare for production and marketplace introduction Develop and test prototype production and/ or service delivery process Introduce new product and/or service Commercially

1.1.6 Support and implement changes to service delivery process Identify product/service design and configuration changes Capture feedback to “refine existing products and services” process Identify service delivery process performance indicators

2.0 Managing Market and Sell Banking Products and Services

2.1 Develop marketing, distribution, and channel strategy

2.1.1 Understand consumer needs and predict customer purchasing behavior Develop and manage customer profiles

2.1.2 Identify market segments and target customers Determine market share gain/loss

2.1.2 Define offering and positioning

2.1.3 Define and manage channel strategy

2.2 Develop and manage customer strategy

2.2.1 Develop customer management strategies

2.2.2 Establish customer management goals

2.2.3 Establish customer management metrics Determine customer loyalty/lifetime value...
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