Machine Dynamics

Topics: Velocity, Classical mechanics, Rigid body Pages: 8 (1345 words) Published: April 16, 2013


Subject Number: Credit Points: Subject Coordinator: Semester/Year: Prerequisites: Corequisites: Antirequisites: 48640 6 Nong Zhang Autumn 2013


48620 Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering none none

This subject outline contains information you will need to find your way around the subject. It attempts to provide a structure for your learning, giving details of the topics, and how, when and where you can choose to study them. . This subject outline should be read in conjunction with the relevant Faculty of Engineering Student Guide which contains information which is relevant to all Faculty of Engineering subjects . This Student Guide will contain additional relevant information. The information in this subject outline was correct at the time of printing.

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Subject Definition
The following information is drawn from the official definition of the subject which has been approved by the Faculty Board of Engineering. It will typically remain the same from semester to semester, except where variations are approved by the Faculty Board.

Subject Aims
The main objective of the subject is to help the students developing the ability to analyse any mechanics problem in a simple and logical manner and to apply a few, well understood, basic principles to its solution. At the end of this subject, students should have gained an understanding of kinematics and kinetics of rigid bodies, and free vibration of single degree of freedom mechanical systems. The three immediate learning objectives of this subject are:   Understanding basic mechanics concepts such as rigid body, force, motion, work, energy, power, impulse and momentum, and the relationships between them; Gaining skills in breaking down a simple machine into a series of rigid bodies and to evaluate the motions of them with forces applied to the system; Acquiring knowledge in Newtonian mechanics, the relationships between the above physical concepts and process, and the solution procedures for determining these relationships, which are the hardware of practical mechanical engineering activity.

Summary of material to be covered
The subject contents are:     revision on the kinematics of particles; the kinematics of rigid bodies including absolute velocity and acceleration of rigid bodies in translation, fixed axis rotation, and general planar motions, concepts of velocity pole and introduction to spatial kinematics; kinetics of rigid bodies including the relationships between forces and motions (Newton’s 2nd law of motion), energy, work, power, principle of energy conservation, linear and angular impulses, and momentums equations; introduction to free vibration of a single degree of freedom mechanical system

Subject Overview
The following information is the detailed overview of the subject: including general information about the subject structure, delivery and staffing

Subject organisation and what we expect of you
This subject includes three hours of lecture and 1.5 hours tutorial per week throughout the semester.



As a student in this subject you are expected to attend lectures and tutorials, actively contribute to discussions, complete your assignments by their due dates and participate fully in your group for any group projects.


Prof Nong Zhang

02 9514 2662

Building 1, Level 20, Room 2028.



Prof Nong Zhang, Dr Jinchen Ji

02 9514 2662 02 9514 2677

Building 1, Level 20, Room 2028, Consultation Times, LDC2,...

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J.L, Meriam, Engineering Mechanics – Dynamics (5th Edition) R.C. Hibbeler, Engineering Mechanics – Dynamics (8th Edition)
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