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Macbeth Questions Act Iii

By rachaelo44 May 12, 2013 849 Words
Macbeth Questions – Act III
Osato Agbaire

1. “The Mysterious Killer”

2. Macbeth didn’t kill Banquo mostly because he didn’t want to have to go through that guilt that and pressure that he went through when his wife was forcing him to kill Duncan. In the first act, he was having second thoughts and wasn’t really with Lady Macbeth on killing King Duncan. However, after killing Duncan and becoming king, all this power, nobility and evil started to get in his head especially now that he’s king, he has the power to hire whoever he wants to kill whoever is a threat to him.

3. For Lady Macbeth:

* Was very two-faced in the beginning
* Sweetheart on the outside, yet evil and manipulative on the inside * Pressure Macbeth to kill Duncan to earn his way into being king * The one who always does the thinking for Macbeth
* Is now becoming less of the evil, twisted mind for Macbeth
For Macbeth:
* Had a good heart and mind in the beginning
* Was pressured into killing Duncan in the beginning by his wife * After the murder and becoming king, Macbeth let all the power and nobility get to his head. * Starts to think in evil ways and hires professional murderer’s to kill Banquo.

4. It can be seen as a metaphorical commentary on the events of the play because when light shines in most movies or plays, it represents how something good has or is about to happen and shines on the character that best exemplifies a good role model. In Macbeth, when Macbeth describes his surroundings by saying “Light Thickens, and the crow/Makes wing to th’ rooky wood.” It’s like now that Macbeth is starting to become evil and manipulative, the light shining on him may seem good however that crow coming done is a sign of something bad about to happen.

* 5. Fleance’s escape is a turning plot mostly because Fleance will be a problem in the future, since he will have children who will become kings.

6. Well the banquet scene makes it clear that after someone has died or been murdered, that person will always hallucinate or see an image of that person wherever they are and this banquet scene made it clear that after Macbeth hired those professional murderer’s to kill Banquo, seeing Banquo’s ghost was basically an imaginary haunting him for what he has done to earn his power and to make him think about what he has done. 7. What she means by this is that f you get what you want and you’re still not happy, you’ve spent everything and gained nothing. Her husband would agree with this because he has finally gotten what he’s always wanted but didn’t get it the right way and now his karma is getting back at him. 8. If I were a director, I’d let Banquo’s ghost appear at the Banquo. The effect that is created by having Banquo appear at the Banquet made up, as a ghost is that it’ll let the audience get a better feel for the play and how this one scene actually works. What is gained by having it appear is that since no one around the banquet really knows how Macbeth really is, Banquo appearing as a ghost was the one who motivated Macbeth’s terrifying behavior to let him know what he did was wrong and didn’t earn his title rightfully. 9. It means, “the dead will have their revenge”. It is relevant to today’s world because there are many innocent people who have had their lives taken away and their soul is basically out to get revenge on the one’s who killed them or their loved ones are out to get them back. 10. In my opinion, I think the third murderer could be Macbeth himself.

a) Banquo reveals how Macbeth became the king, Thane of Cawdor and the Thane of Glamis just the witches promised. He suspects that Macbeth cheated to get these titles and realized that the crown shouldn’t have gone to Macbeth’s descendants, it should’ve gone to his son Fleance. He decides to keep quiet about it. b) Macbeth arranges Banquo’s murder because he suspects that Banquo knows what is going on and assumes that he’ll expose what Macbeth has done to earn these titles he cheated for. c) Fleance escapes the murder.

d) When Ross, Lennox and other lords invite Macbeth to share their table, he starts to freak out and go crazy when Banquo’s ghost starts appearing to him. Lady Macbeth tells the lords Macbeth is often like this, he’s been like this since he was a child. It is just a brief fit. e) Macduff has gone to England to ask King Edward to assist in gaining the aid of Northumberland and Siward to help them raise an army against Macbeth to remove him from the throne. f) They realized that Macbeth was the one pitied Duncan, after Duncan was dead. They also reason that Fleance is the one who killed Banquo, since they xqwere walking at such a late time of the night.

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