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Akshansh Gupta
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1 October 2014

Macbeth Act 5 Homework
1. From what you have learned of Malcolm, how far do you see him as an ideal ruler?  Asses his strengths and discuss whether he has any significant weaknesses in a short essay which also considers how optimistic an audience can be about his future rule.  Malcolm is the rightful king because he was so named by his father, and he would be a good king because he is cunning, intelligent, and he cares about the people. Malcolm is loyal to his people and will not abuse his power.  Malcolm had planned his attack on Macbeth very well and won back the crown from Macbeth. Malcolm is the rightful king of Scotland, not only because of his royal blood, but also because of his ingenious tactics and good will.

2. Imagine that Shakespeare had written a death scene for Lady Macbeth.  Discuss (a) what it might have consisted of; (b) what she would have said or done in her final scene; (c) why you think Shakespeare did not include this death scene. If Shakespeare would have written a death scene for Lady Macbeth, it would have consisted of Lady Macbeth killing herself with something dangerous and sharp at her house. I believe this because the doctor in Act 4 stated that Mrs. Macbeth should be away from objects that she can use to harm herself. In her final scene, she would have explained why she was taking the steps to kill herself, and that she is feeling guilty for the murders and is willing to suicide so as to be free from guilt. Shakespeare did not include this death scene because it did not relate or was not as important to the main topic occurring in the book. Shakespeare must have thought that the death scene wouldn’t please James I, so that might have been the reason why he did not include it.
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