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Warner School of Education—University of Rochester
Lesson Plan Assignment

Lesson Plan Description / Guidelines

Standard Lesson Plan Heading:

Cooperating teacher
Grade level
Subject area
Title of unit of which this lesson is a part
Lesson title
Duration of lesson

Definitions of Standard Lesson Plan Criteria:
Note: Differentiation, adaptations, accommodations, and/or modifications should be purposefully infused throughout the appropriate components of the lesson plan (e.g., assessments, procedures, resources, etc.)

1. Content Area:
Candidates should (1) indicate the predominant content area to be addressed in the lesson, and (2) when applicable, how it will be connected to other content areas.

2. Purposes/Goals:
Candidates should describe: (1) what the students will learn as a result of their participation in the lesson, (2) why the goals of the lesson are important, and (3) the “big idea” that will help students connect the lesson to the world beyond the classroom.

3. Objectives:
Candidates should identify: (1) the specific objectives that they want their students to achieve, (2) briefly describe how they will demonstrate that they have achieved them, and (3) briefly describe how the goals/objectives for this lesson consider students’ working towards accomplishing their IEP goals and objectives.

4. National and/or New York State Standards:
Candidates should identify the specific national (professional organization) and NYS standards or performance indicators they will address in the lesson. This section should be written as a narrative, and should not be presented as a list of standards.

5. Assessment:
Candidates should describe: (1) the methods and strategies they will use to measure student learning throughout the lesson and at its conclusion, (2) what will count as “evidence” of learning, (3) the ways that the assessment in the lesson is connected to more summative assessments, (4) how the assessment in this lesson will inform instruction on an ongoing basis, and (5) the ways that the assessment will be differentiated, adapted, accommodated, and/or modified to meet the diverse learning needs of all students, including English Language Learners and students with disability labels.

6. Community Knowledge and Experience:
Candidates should describe: (1) how they will account for, or incorporate students’ knowledge and experiences in the lesson, (2) how they will ensure that English Language Learners and students with disability labels are fully included members of the learning community, and (3) how their knowledge and experiences will be shared or included in the learning process so that they are engaged with their students as a member of the learning community.

7. Procedure:
Candidates should describe: (1) how the lesson will begin, (2) the activities that will help students to achieve the learning objectives of the lesson, (3) the duration of each of the main components of the lesson, (4) how transitions will be made between the major components of the lesson, (4) strategies for altering the procedure if the lesson does not go as planned, and (5) how they will conclude the lesson.

8. Differentiated Instruction:
Candidates should describe: (1) how activities and strategies will be differentiated through multiple means of representation, expression, and engagement that reflect high, appropriate expectations for all students, including English Language Learners and students with disabilities, (2) how activities and strategies enhance students’ verbal, writing, and content area vocabulary skills, and (3) how accommodations and/or modifications indicated on IEP are incorporated into the lesson.

9. Resources:
Candidates should: (1) list the human and material resources (including technology and assistive technology) they will need to conduct the lesson, (3) describe how these will be used to enhance learning, (4) how resources will be differentiated,...
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