Kindergarten Observation Essay Example

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The school I went to visit was Public School 69. It was my little brothers elementary school. The reason I chose the school, was because I remember seeing him happy every time he came home from kindergarten. Every day he would come home and have a different project he did in class to show off. The outside of the school looked like a regular public school, but inside Miss Suzy’s* (not her real name) classroom was bright, warm, and inviting. My visitation was in the morning, right when the children began school at 8:00am. When I walked inside, the class room was baby blue with all kinds of art projects on the walls. Miss Suzy welcomed me very kindly, and discussed with me, her srtudents and what they have been learning. You can not help but think about your own kindergarten expierences when going to visit a class. Comparing your teacher to a new teacher and how things are done differently.

Observations of a kindergarten classroom. Section A

Walking into Miss Suzy's classroom everything was noticeably organized and put together. Right away I knew where every toy, book or art supply was stored. Each section of the room has a different set of materials. One section has all the arts and crafts. Such as crayons, scissors, glue, paintbrushes and more. They were all stored separately and labeled in their own bins making it easy for the children to find. Another part of the room has Lego's, puzzles, and blocks also stored in their own bins. A big section of the room was for dramatic play. It was a little kitchen for the children to play in. There was a sink, oven, microwave, refrigerator, and wooden cabinets. On the side of the kitchen, there was a coat rack with all different kinds of costumes hanging. For example a pilot, princess, doctor and many more. The classroom is decorated with children's original artwork, their own writing with invented spelling, and dictated stories (Morrison, 2003 p.23) The first thing I noticed walking in Miss Suzy's classroom, was all the projects done by the children, covering every inch of the walls. The project that stood out most for me was one part of the wall, the children had done a art project following the life cycle of a butterfly. They drew how a caterpillar turned into a butterfly when it was time. On top of the library, the children had painted the world in all different kinds of colors, saying " save the world". Another section of the room by the window, they had planted flowers in individual little pots. They all seemed excited watching the flowers grow little by little, each and everyday wondering how their little garden will turn out. The classroom library in my eyes, I thought was a bit too small and needed to be bigger. It was a cabinet with four shelves. The library contained books such as Dr. Suess collection, It's not easy being a bunny, Party time with blue, What a day it was at school, and a few more. The books seemed appropriate for their age group, but there were not too many choices to choose from.

Section B

For the hour that I visited the kindergarten class, the children would walk inside. sign their name on the attendance sheet, and had free play for 15 minutes. When play time was over, Miss Suzy would choose a student to ring a bell,informing the class that play time was over and it was time to clean up. After free play, it was circle time. During circle time. Miss Suzy had a daily routine she did with the children. -Sang "Hello kindergarten friends".

-Sang the days of the week and months of the year.
-Sang about the colors of the rainbow.
-Alphabet song, forward and backwards.
-Sound out each letter and gave an example of it. (A is for Apple). -Miss Suzy would choose a student to look out the window and predict the weather. The student would draw it on the weather chart, along with the day and time. When their daily routine was over, every week they focused on a certain topic. The topic of the week was pizza, last week it was...
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