Ec Child Directed Lesson Plan

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THEME/NAME OF ACTIVITY: Manners/Learning Centers

MATERIALS NEEDED: 4-5 Children, 1 coat, 1 sweatshirt, water fountain, 2 chairs, table, crayons, kleenex

Perform basic hygiene and self-help tasks
Demonstrate strategies to prevent the spread of germs
Work with others in play and group activities
Begin to care for others and demonstrates a desire to be helpful Begin to develop friendships with peers
Follow simple directions
Communicate ideas, suggestions, and possible solutions to others Recall and consider information from familiar stories
Relate own life and experiences to literature
Represent newly acquired information in a variety of ways
Begin to understand that problems often can be solved in more than one way Make choices about own behavior when presented with alternatives

OBJECTIVES (integrated):
Children will demonstrate how to appropriately react in various situations using the manners we have learned throughout the week. Children will do this through role playing some situations. They will use social skills to work with others in play and group activities by discussing the possible and proper responses to the situations they are presented with. They will represent their newly acquired information to find the solutions.

Teacher will have 4 to 5 children in the dramatic play area at a time. There will be the teacher and an aid who will role play various situations and the children will find solutions to the problems they are faced with. These activities will give the children a chance to decide what would be best to do in a given situation and act it out. The children should be encouraged to either agree or disagree with the actors' solution to the problem given to them. Teacher will set up dramatic play area before calling kids over. There will first be a couple of crayons and paper on a table with 2 chairs at it. The first group of children...
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