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Introduction to Financial Accounting

By nancydang Apr 25, 2014 369 Words
 Objective: To provide students with an introduction to financial accounting. This course introduces the student to the basic financial statements and how they are used to make decisions by various users. This course will use a variety of sources to allow the student to gain an understanding of the topic.

Instructor:Jennifer Wright, CPA

Grading:Connect - Homework Manager10%
Exam I and II40% (Each worth 20%)
Final Exam35%
Quizzes15%(average grade)
Total 100%

Grading Scale:95-100% A+
Below 60F
Academic Honesty Policy:
Drexel University is committed to a learning environment that embraces academic honesty.  In order to protect and maintain a superior learning environment at LeBow College of Business, all students must review and adhere to Drexel University’s Academic Honestly Policy.  For Details see:  (pp.50-52)  Forms of academic dishonesty include plagiarism, fabrications, cheating, and academic misconduct. Students are responsible for the authenticity of material submitted both for individual and group work. The Hagerty Library offers a brief online tutorial for recognizing and avoiding plagiarism at:

Weekly –Each week, students are asked to read assigned chapters and complete homework. Connect Homework Manager –
You are required to complete homework on a weekly basis (due Monday evening) using the online system entitled Connect. The assignments correspond directly to the problems in the textbook but may have different amounts or numbers. The problems are designed to give you a different variation of the problem when you open it a second time to enhance your learning experience. Connect Homework Manager (continued)

Your grade for homework problems will depend upon the successful completion of the problems. This means the homework problem must be completed correctly in order to receive credit for the homework. I will only use your best score on each chapter therefore if you want to redo any problems or use the site to study for an exam you may reenter any chapter while it is available. The grading scale is as follows:

Connect problems successfully completed
Homework Grade Earned

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