Intravenous guided independent study

Topics: Blood transfusion, Intravenous therapy, Pulmonary edema Pages: 4 (901 words) Published: May 3, 2014
Intravenous (IV) study day

Guided independent Study

In preparation for administering IV medication when you have registered as a nurse, it is important that you have some theoretical understanding of related issues. Completion of this guided independent study workbook will enable you to review some topic areas related to IV therapy. Once this is completed, you will be able to observe IV therapy in your practice placements and you will be able to take part in drawing up IV medication. NB Student nurses must not administer IV medication- this includes setting up or disconnecting intravenous infusions, switching infusion pumps on or off and altering infusion rates.

Most healthcare organisations will expect you to undertake further IV training and demonstrate competence under supervision prior to being able to administer IV medication. Areas of competence required generally cover the following :

Knowledge of relevant Trust Policies such as the Injectable Medicines Policy; Medicines Management Policy Knowledge of the therapeutic uses of a range of common medications Knowledge of the correct checking procedures for administration of IV medications and blood products Correct application of Standard Precautions and Aseptic Non Touch Technique Knowledge of the variety of IV Vascular Access Devices available for use and appropriate management of these Ability to accurately calculate IV drug doses

Knowledge of the infusion devices such as volumetric pumps and syringe drivers used in the local area and how to troubleshoot problems with these Knowledge of signs of adverse reactions and how to manage anaphylaxis Issues of professional accountability in relation to the above

You will have a Drug calculations examination during HSM301 and have already completed a ‘Therapeutics for Nurses’ module. This workbook will therefore focus on 3 areas: Safe intravenous therapy
Safe blood transfusion
Recognition and management of anaphylaxis

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