Delegation: Nursing and Independent Living Environments

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Delegation--Authorizing an unlicensed person to provide nursing services while retaining accountability for how the unlicensed person performs the task. It does not include situations in which an unlicensed person is directly assisting a RN by carrying out nursing tasks in the presence of a RN. Unlicensed person--An individual, not licensed as a health care provider Verifies that the unlicensed person can properly and adequately perform the delegated task without jeopardizing the client's welfare; and The following standards must be met before the RN delegates nursing tasks to unlicensed persons. These criteria apply to all instances of RN delegation. Additional criteria, if appropriate to the particular task being delegated, may also be found in §224.8(b)(1) of this title (relating to Discretionary Delegation Tasks). (1) The RN must make an assessment of the client's nursing care needs. The RN should, when the client's status allows, consult with the client, and when appropriate the client's family and/or significant other(s), to identify the client's nursing needs prior to delegating nursing tasks. (2) The nursing task must be one that a reasonable and prudent RN would find is within the scope of sound nursing judgment to delegate. The RN should consider the five rights of delegation: the right task, the right person to whom the delegation is made, the right circumstances, the right direction and communication by the RN, and the right supervision as determined by the RN. (3) The nursing task must be one that, in the opinion of the delegating RN, can be properly and safely performed by the unlicensed person involved without jeopardizing the client's welfare. (4) The nursing task must not require the unlicensed person to exercise professional nursing judgment; however, the unlicensed person may take any action that a reasonable, prudent non-health care professional would take in an emergency situation. (5) The unlicensed person to whom the nursing task is delegated must be adequately identified. The identification may be by individual or, if appropriate, by training, education, and/or certification/permit of the unlicensed person. (6) The RN shall have either instructed the unlicensed person in the delegated task, or verified the unlicensed person's competency to perform the nursing task. The verification of competence may be done by the RN making the decision to delegate or, if appropriate, by training, education, experience and/or certification/permit of the unlicensed person. (7) The RN shall adequately supervise the performance of the delegated nursing task in accordance with the requirements of §224.7 of this title (relating to Supervision). (8) If the delegation continues over time, the RN shall periodically evaluate the delegation of tasks. For example, the evaluation would be appropriate when the client's Nursing Care Plan is reviewed and revised. The RN's evaluation of a delegated task(s) will be incorporated into the client's Nursing Care Plan. (a) Tasks Which are Most Commonly Delegated. By way of example, and not in limitation, the following nursing tasks are ones that are most commonly the type of tasks within the scope of sound professional nursing practice to be considered for delegation, regardless of the setting, provided the delegation is in compliance with §224.6 of this title (relating to General Criteria for Delegation) and the level of supervision required is determined by the RN in accordance with §224.7 of this title (relating to Supervision):

(1) non-invasive and non-sterile treatments;
(2) the collecting, reporting, and documentation of data including, but not limited to: (A) vital signs, height, weight, intake and output, capillary blood and urine test for sugar and hematest results, (B) environmental situations;

(C) client or family comments relating to the client's care; and (D) behaviors related to the plan of care;
(3) ambulation,...
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