Interview Questions & Answers

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1.Tell Me About Yourself.
I am currently a student at _____________. I enjoy interacting with people and provide assistance whenever I can. I want to start a business in the future, most likely a restaurant. If I do get hired, I hope to gain quality experience from this position, to run a successful business such as your own.

2.Have you had other work experience?
Yes, I previously worked at a restaurant and through that I have developed good communication skills from taking dine-in and take-out orders from customers. I have also volunteered for big events that involved being a team leader as well as serving V.I.P. guests.

3.If I asked your references about you, what would they say? I think if you were to ask my references about myself, they would say I am a hard working student because I fulfill my tasks to the best of my abilities. I work very well with others and often contribute ideas.

4.What are your greatest strengths?
My greatest strength would be multitasking because of my previous experience at my old work place that involved responsibility of multiple tasks that were split amongst two waitresses.

5.What are your greatest weaknesses?
I like to produce quality products, therefore it may take me a little longer to complete tasks. As well, I am a very dedicated person and sometimes I go a bit overboard when it comes to helping others, which may be seen as a weakness.

6.What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
In my spare time, I enjoy playing sports like football, volleyball and soccer. I also enjoy working with money; creating budgets to save up for something I want, for example, a new laptop for college/university.

7.What abilities and skills do you have that directly relate to the position for which you’re applying? I am a people’s person, so I enjoy talking to people and this would be a benefit for your business because I will provide great customer service. I took a ___________ course, and through that I developed many great...
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