Interview Dialogue

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I: Please have a seat. (motion to chair)
A: Thank you. Oh, this is a copy of my resume and a list of references. I: Thank you, I will take a look at these. I see you have applied for the cashier position. A: Yes, that’s right; I can work in other positions in the store as well. I: That’s good. Can you tell me (about) your previous work experience? A: I worked as a clerk at 7-Eleven for one year. Before that I worked in my country at my parents’ grocery store. I had many responsibilities such as: ordering merchandise, stocking shelves, and waiting on customers. I: I see. Are you looking for a part time or a full time position? A: I’m looking for a part-time job because I go to the Adult School to improve my English. I: Customer service is a big part of this job. Do you have good people skills? A: I’m sorry, what do you mean by “people skills”?

I: OK, I mean do you enjoy talking to customers?
A: Oh yes, I am friendly and I would like to help the customers. I: Tell me more about your other skills.
A: I can use a cash register and I have basic computer skills. I: Can you give me two good reasons why I should hire you?
A: Well, I am organized, dependable, and hard working.
I: We have morning, afternoon, and evening shifts. Which shift are you interested in? A: I go to school in the morning, and I have to pick up my children from school in the afternoon, so I prefer to work evenings or weekends. I: Do you have any questions for me about the job?

A: As I improve my English at the adult school, I may be interested in a full time position. Can I change to full-time when I finish English school? I: Yes, we like to give our employees first choice when we have an opening. A: That’s good. Will there be opportunities for promotion? I: Yes, based on good performance reviews, there are always opportunities to move up.

   | Mrs. Smith
   | Right then. Ready everybody? Let's ask the next person in. Mr. Chau - Mr. Felix Chau. OK, Mr. Felix Chau. Can you come in? Thank you Miss Tam. Ah, yes, Mr. Chau. Now, I'm Margaret Smith and on my right, my colleague, Anna Tam, and on my left, Angela Lam. Do please sit down.| | Felix Chau| Thank you. Good afternoon Mrs. Smith, Miss Tam, Miss. Lam.|

   | Mrs. Smith
   | Well now Mr. Chau - for a start - and just to set the ball rolling - can I check that you're applying for the post of Management trainee? And that you're graduating in integrated Business Studies? Tell me, why integrated? Is there something special about-about this degree?| | Felix

   | Yes, in a way there is. The subjects in the program - Finance, Marketing, and Banking, and so on are taught as aspects of a single study - that of Business, rather than as separate disciplines which the student has to relate to each other as best he can. I chose it for that reason.|

3| Mrs. Smith | And what advantage do you think it has over a more conventional course of study?| | Felix  | I think it's more coherent and more motivating - and many of my friends on this and other courses agree with me. Everything we have done - including the study of Economics which can easily seem rather dry and remote - is related to one or more of the sorts of careers that we plan to take up.|

4| Mrs. Smith| And what makes you apply for this training position Mr. Chau?| | Felix | I want to work for one of the premier banks in Hong Kong - indeed one of the great banks of the world. And I want the training opportunities offered by Standard Chartered.| 5| Miss Lam| You see long term opportunities as more important than the immediate salary, do you?| | Felix| Yes I do. And my family agree with me - and that's generous of them. I'm looking two or three years ahead.|

6| Mrs. Smith| Tell us a bit more about these extra-curricular activities of yours. What exactly did you do when you organised this -...
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