Inquiry Method

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Inquiry Method Steps
1. Ask a question or identify the problem – What do you want to learn about? This question forms the starting point for inquiry. Example: You may be interested in discovering what methods of studying lead to better exam results.

2. Develop a hypothesis – A hypothesis is possible answer to your research question. Your hypothesis gives you direction. It helps you to determine what needs to be tested and which research method you will use. Example: You may hypothesize that studying with friends leads to improved exam results/

3. Gather data – As the researcher, you must determine how you will gather the data you need. Your method needs to be appropriate to your research question and hypothesis. A number of methods are available to you: surveys, interviews, observation, case studies, and experiments. Example: you may choose to conduct an experiment comparing the exam results of those who studied by themselves to those who studied with friends.

4. Analyze the data – Data must be collected in an organized manner. Data must also be interpreted and analyzed. Example: You could organize the results of your studying experiment into a graph that shows the relationship between studying with friends versus studying by oneself. A graph would allow the researcher to identify any trends or patters that exist.

5. Draw conclusions – The final stage sees the researcher determining if the hypothesis is supported or not. Should the hypothesis be accepted or rejected, or is more research necessary? Example: Based on the analysis of the data, the researcher may determine that studying with friends does improve exam results. When students study together, they are able to question each other and help each other learn the material that they are unsure or. Talking about what you are learning actually helps you learn better. By using two of your senses (sight, hearing), you are better able to learn the information than when you only use one sense (sight)....
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