Infosession thesis

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Infosessie thesis

Deadlines: 7 march 2014 (Friday)
-2 points on the dissertation’s mark if the deadline is not met Flexibility: the sanction can be lifted by the directeur des études (= pierre-guillaume méon) if latecomers can prove that they started early. Send a report featuring proofs (e-mails, negative answers, etc). Professors have been and will be sensitised.

How to find a supervisor

1. BE Solvay platform
Log in on Go on the “thesis platform” (not yet available, in 2 weeks it will be normally). Guides, previous thesis topics can be found under “interesting documents”. “Suggestion of topics”: click on 2014-215. When it is green, you can still contact the professor because it is still available (see previous years for examples). You can click on the names of the professors in order to find more information about them and to view the free places. More suggestions of topics than they accept students! When you click on the topic, you have more details. “List of professors by field of study”: if you already have a topic but not a supervisor, use this link. Names of all professors

Professors indicate the number of dissertations they can supervise Professors suggest topics
Professors can give blank slots

2. Direct contact with a professor
E-mails should be preferred to direct contacts (don’t pass by in the offices) Parallel e-mails are acceptable (you can contact several professors at the same times). 1 polite reminder is acceptable (after 2 weeks)

How to convince professors

What motivates professors: no direct incentive, goodwill, scientific interest

Write short e-mails!

Elicit interest: send personalized (start with dear professor with name) and polite e-mails. Choose someone with an interest in your topic. Adjust your suggestion to the professor’s field (same topic is not discipline). Show that you have already thought about the topic (refer to papers,...
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