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Topics: User interface, Graphical user interface, Usability Pages: 21 (5609 words) Published: October 22, 2014

– Prototyping
– Heuristic evaluation
Course Materials:
– Lesson slides
High-Level Overview
• Human
– understand the person who uses the system
• Computer
– Machine or network of machines
• Interaction
– Interface that represents the system
Specific Outcomes
• Understand the value of usability
• Explain iterative design, user analysis and task analysis • Understand the Model Human Processor and its implications for usability • Understand conceptual models, direct manipulation and metaphors • Perform heuristic evaluations and apply design principles • Understand the value of paper prototyping

• Understand predictive evaluation and perform simple GOMS analysis • Explore web and mobile usability
• Explore natural user interfaces
Topics of Discussion
• History of computer interfaces >>>
• Interface models
User Interface Models
• Four distinct eras:
– Batch interfaces (1945 – 1968)
– Command Line Interface (1969 – 1983)
– Text User Interface
– Graphical User Interface (1984 – present)
– Natural User Interfaces (2008 – present)
1 Batch interface:
– First type of interface available for computers
– These computers had one or more interfaces that let users preprogramspecially formatted cards with punch holes – The cards would be read in a card reader that supplied the information to the computer to process

– Problem: couldn’t interact with the computer while the computer was processing the cards

2 Command-Line Interface (CLI):
– Displays a command prompt
– User can then type in a command using the keyboard and submit the command for processing - provides text output – Provided the possibility of interactivity with the computer – major leap in usability – Problem: users have to learn a list of commands to instruct the computer to do what you want – DOS for the IBM PC and compatible computers was the most popular operating system – Still used by many network administrators and programmers today – The development of CLIs isn’t standing still

• e.g. Microsoft PowerShell

3 Text User Interface (TUI):
– Unlike CLIs, a TUI uses the entire screen area to perform tasks – Provide greater functionality and usability for conducting tasks – Word processing software such as WordPerfect

4 Graphical User Interfaces (GUI):
– Have been the standard user interface since the 1990s
– Availability of Windows on the popular IBM PC and compatibles platform drove GUIs to widespread acceptance – You use your mouse to click on icons and menus
– GUIs are typically based on a metaphor of some type where the visual elements match something in our everyday experience with physical reality. – Another hallmark of GUIs is the customizability of the interface 5 Web Interfaces:

– Based on HTML and additional technologies that work behind the scenes to let you interact with Web pages – Changing to look and behave more like traditional desktop GUIs – Flash, Flex, AJAX, Silverlight and other Rich Internet Technologies – Now HTML 5

6 Natural User Interfaces
• Touch/multitouch interfaces
• Gesture
• Voice
• Face recognition, etc.

• Many people consider the GUI to be stagnant, differing little in its basic desktop, windows, mouse, icons, and pointer concept from the original Lisa of 1983
• Probably more accurate to think of the GUI as a slow evolution towards an ideal interface • Potential for adding new features and modes of interaction remains limitless USABILITY

• Growth of PC in past two decades of 20th century put new emphasis on user interface design • Term usability has its roots in 14th century
• 1980 term changed toward not only making something functional and usable, but also to maximize the entire user experience • User experience (UX)
– How people feel about a product and their pleasure and satisfaction when using it – Cannot design a user experience – only design for a UX Usability Engineer...
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