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In all information systems, data resources must be organized and structured in some logical manner, so that they can be: D. All of the choices are correct.

From a logical point of view, a(n) _______________ is the smallest data element that can be observed and manipulated. A. character

A record represents a collection of _______________ that describe an entity. D. attributes

All the fields used to describe the attributes of an entity are grouped to form a(n) _______________. B. record

A group of related records is a data file, or a _______________. C. table

Variable-length records contain:
A. both a variable number of fields and variable field lengths.

Fixed-length records contain:
D. both a fixed number of fields and fixed field lengths.

When independent of any other files related to it, a single table is referred to as a(n): B. Flat file

A(n) _______________ is an integrated collection of logically related data elements. C. database

Databases contain data elements that describe both entities and the _______________ among entities. A. relationships

Database management packages based on the _______________ model can link data elements from various tables to provide information to users. B. relational

Early mainframe DBMS packages used the _______________ structure, in which all records are dependent and arranged in multilevel structures, consisting of one root record and any number of subordinate levels. C. hierarchical

In a(n) _______________ database structure, all of the relationships among records are one-to-many, because each data element is related to only one element above it. A. hierarchical

Which database model allows many-to-many relationships among records so that a data element can be accessed by following one of several paths? B. Network

The _______________ model is the most widely used database structure today. C. relational

In the relational database model, all data elements within the database are viewed as being stored in the form of simple two-dimensional tables, sometimes referred to as _______________. D. relations

The tables in a relational database are flat files which have rows and columns. Each row represents a _______________ in the file. B. record
The tables in a relational database are flat files which have rows and columns. Each column represents a _______________ in the file. A. field

The _______________ operation is used to create a subset of the columns contained in the temporary tables created by the select and join operations. C. project
Using a relational database, a user can temporarily combine two or more tables so that he/she can see relevant data in a form that looks like it is in one big table. This is the _______________ operation. A. join

_______________ is the most commonly used database application for the PC. B. Microsoft Access

______________ databases have become the most popular structure for analytical databases that support online analytical process (OLAP) applications, in which fast answers to complex queries are expected. D. Multidimensional

The _______________ database structure is considered one of the key technologies of a new generation of Web-based applications. C. object-oriented

The object-oriented database model supports _______________. That is, new objects can be automatically created by replicating some or all of the characteristics of one or more parent objects. A. inheritance

Object technology allows designers to do all of the following except: D. Substantially reduce the file size of designs

Which database structure works effectively with complex data types, such as video clips, audio segments, and other subsets of Web pages, and is considered one of the key technologies of Web-based applications? C. Object-oriented

A database with a(n) _______________ data structure can easily handle a...
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