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I'm sure you didn't know that...

By carinnaduncan Oct 17, 2013 496 Words
Today I’m going to tell you about a few interesting; you can say “facts”… These are only a few things we enjoy, but don’t know where it comes from or what it really means!

Something our mothers taught us and has been passed on from generation to generation, to occasions we celebrate. Let start with a childhood favourite. We all know this one! It is none other than the song Ring a ring o’ roses..

It goes like this: than Ring a ring o’ roses.. A pocket full of posies.. Atishoo! Atishoo!.. We all fall down..

Who would have thought clipping nails was just clipping ones nails…

It was once thought unlucky to cut your nails on a Sunday. There were even nursery rhyme that explained what would happen if you cut your nails on each of the days of the week..

Who doesn’t love love or the feeling of being in love…and to show that special person in your life what they mean to you.

One day of the year is ideally for this purpose! Yes… Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February.

• Did you know that this day has nothing to do with love between humans.. • Or the two Saints called Valentine
• Unbelievable, but true…It however, is the date on which the birds were believed to choose their mate for the spring!!

• Innocent enough, but did you know it is a reminder of the terrible days of the London Plague in 1665 • The “ring o’ roses” refers to red rash and spots that appeared on people. Posies of sweet-smelling flowers were carried to drive of the Devil and the Plaque. • Soon people began to sneeze from the flowers – Atishoo! – • And a short after that they fell down – dead!

• Thousands of people died in the streets and houses.
• The following year there was a big fire that burned out most of London and cleared the streets and despite the damage, the plaque was over.

• Monday – you’ll be healthy
• Tuesday – you’ll be wealthy
• Wednesday – you’ll get good news
• Thursday – you’ll get a pair of new shoes
• Friday – you’ll have sorrow
• Saturday – you’ll see you true love tomorrow

What a Myth Buster don’t you think… This is if you’re not superstitious! Wonder what day I would choose…

I really enjoyed my researched on this topic.

There are so many things we celebrate, sing or even believe in, but don’t question the origin of it.

I always thought Ring o’ Rosies was a fun game to play as child... We liked holding hands and running in a circle without knowing the sad fate of the people who suffered during that time.

Don’t be so gullible and believe everything! If there is a story. There must me a reason why it’s told…

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