I Love Yous Are For White People

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Dear. Mr. Lac Su
I would like to start off by saying Thank You very much Mr. Lac Su, Reading your book brought to surface many of the occurrences in my life that I have found myself hiding from. You told my story seen through your eyes but from a different environment, I honestly thought I was alone in this world until I read your book. From moving from your home land, to being bullied and picked on for your accent, losing a friend through tragedy and having to meet new friends in a new world, from being physically and mentally abused by your father to molested by a family member, from drinking to numb the pain to joining a gang/click to feel at home and have a real family who cared, and finally occurrences to which I could have lost my life. Every story you told had a deeper meaning to me and my stories, you have helped me shine a light on the past which has held a strong grip on me for so long. Growing up in another country brought to light in my eyes the importance of family, having respect for your elders, and to speak when spoken to along with not speaking out of turn. I grew up Belize with an abusive/ alcoholic father, in a way he was similar to what you described he was strict on me getting good grades and staying out of trouble; in any way I dishonored or disobeyed his orders he would be waiting my arrival home, his glare which literally made me weak in the knees and most of the time made me cry, but the various objects he would hold to give me my beatings never made me budge in a way; I was ready it was a routine. My mother I can say was in a way similar to the mother you described, she was always quiet and never intervened in anything my dad was involved in; she could never defend or protect me, she had to stay quiet, and had to make sure my father was satisfied whenever he was around. The phrase you used on chapter fourteen “I realized one thing- I am my father” really caught my attention. I found myself in life trying my...
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