Life with Father

Topics: Violence, Domestic violence, Family Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: March 1, 2006
In the short story by Itabari Njeri called "Life with Father". The daughter gives details of the major issues her father had. In the following I will explain the possible cause in which made the father act the way he did. Njeri's father was a violent person; she wanted nothing to do with him. The two off them did not have a close relationship, due to his violent acts. Although he did have a good side about him, he was a very educated man and an exceptional teacher. He had plenty of degrees. Unfortunately his family was affected by his domestic violence. Njeri tells her story of how she and her mother were targets of her father's violent behavior. When Njeri was 3 years of age she remembers this like it was yesterday, how her father punched her mother in the face while she was in her mothers arms. Njeri was hurt by that and wonders how he could perform such violent behavior. On another occasion he beats Njeri simply because she told the truth about asking her aunt to spend the night when he specifically told her not to. He paid no attention to his family all he was concerned about was his career. He worked so hard to get promoted when that promotion did not happen his family was the target of his domestic violence. Njeri sat as she watched her father drink alcohol on an everyday basis drowning in his sorrows. She couldn't say anything to him because she was afraid he would penalize her because; her father once told her children are to speak when spoken to. Njeri's father behavior comes from not being recognized at his work place.
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