I learn to be a better person

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Daniella Han 5S2

End you essay with “I learn to be a better person.”

I screamed hysterically while clutching my stomach after we exit the school hall. It was such a scene as she was called up onto the stage and was accused of stealing people's belonging out of their bags or in their table's drawer, in front of the whole school.

For the last few days, people's belonging had been mysterically dissapear out of their every place they could possibly have been in. Of course, no one knew where they could have been in except me, Tyler Cross, the greatest stealthiest thief in the world! I am the only one who could have stolen those things and it is impossible for that Eleanor Sparrow to do all that.

She is practically the clumsiest person in the world. Everytime I saw her, she will be either picking up the books from the floor which she had unintentionally drop or being scold and insulted by them whom she also unintentionally hit when walking around the school compound. But they do not know that, to my advantage.

During recess, I saw her ran out of the headmaster's office, crying like there's no tomorrow. Her hot tears streaming down her delicate face and her side bangs fell to the front of her face messily, hindering her sight. Then, she murmur to herself, saying that she had pleaded again and again that she did not steal other people belongings, but it was to no avail.

She jolted out of her thoughts in her own thinking world when I went up to her and pushed her down roughly against the wall. She look up and glare at me. If looks could kill, I would be possibly dead at that moment by then.

Suddenly, her ear piercing voice almost deaf my ear when she scream at my face. While she was busy screaming, sobbing and hiccuping and forming coherent words, saying I was a pussy for not admiting my wrong doings and all, I only stand still while grinning maniacally at her.

“I know you did it Tyler Cross.” She screamed, her face...
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