I have had ups and downs
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I have had many ups and downs in my personal and professional life, but I have never really grasped the concept of success. Success or failure does not depend on the intricate details of a plan, it is totally the opposite. I now know that a key factor in whether I fail or succeed is self-direction. I have learned the recipe for success depends on the planner and how well that plan is executed. If I have learned anything, it is that setting short and long term goals, time management and organization are essential to building a path---------so that I may attain my ultimate goal. Establishing and utilizing resources that are available to me will bring all the pieces of the puzzle together.
I must continuously seek improvement in my personal life, in order to be a success in my professional life. The learning process is ever changing and I must be prepared and able to adapt as I learn and mature. My resources available through the university are the tools needed to excel in aspect to my education. I am seeking a degree in business, and with completion I will have the knowledge, and competence to apply what I have learned immediately in real world settings. My overall continual improvement is contingent on how well I receive the feedback given by my superiors and professors in my classes. I will become more effective and well disciplined, thus a much better student.
I have learned to incorporate time management, problem solving and critical thinking into my daily activities, these skills have become my best friend. You must have a foundation to build on. Goal setting and time management will help me stay motivated. My main source of my motivation is my family. Even when my days are long and tough, I can look at my grandchildren, and that makes me keep going. One day I hope that my grandchildren will look at me as their motivation and understand that hard work and perseverance does pay off.
My life is busy, it can be hectic at times, but by planning

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