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Topics: Mole, Molecule, Avogadro constant Pages: 2 (731 words) Published: March 3, 2014
1. The mole is a counting unit of chemistry that denotes a specific amount 2. Avogadro created this unit
3. He used 12 grams of carbon to figure out his unit, weighed out 12 grams and did multiple test calculations 4. Abbreviation for the mole is mol
5. Avogadro’s number is 6.022 x 10^23
6. 1 mole= 6.022 x 10^23
7. Avogadro used the number to create molar mass
8. Molar mass is the weight of an atom in 1 mol, g/mol is the unit 9. MM is the abbreviation for molar mass
10. A mole is defined as the quantity of a substance that has the same number of particles as are found in 12.000 grams of carbon-12 11. The mass in grams of one mole of a compound is equal to the molecular weight of the compound in atomic mass units 12. Avogadro was born in 1776 in Italy during an important period in the development of chemistry 13. October 23 is celebrated as National Mole Day in honor of Avagadro Fun Facts:

14. Avogadro's number of inches is 1,616,434 light years, or across our galaxy and back 8 times.  15. Avogadro's number of seconds is about 19 quadrillion years, 4,240,666 times the age of the earth, or 954,150 times the age of the universe itself.  16. Avogadro's number of cents could repay the United States National Debt almost 6 million times.  17. Avogadro's number of kilograms is just over 20 times the mass of the earth.  18. Avogadro's number of marbles, spread across the earth, would make a layer three miles thick.  19.  One mole of paper would make a stack that would reach to the moon more than 80 billion times 20. One mole of grains of sand would be more than all of the sand on Miami Beach 21. One mole of blood cells would be more than the total number of blood cells found in every human on earth 22. A one liter bottle of water contains 55.5 moles of water 23. Mole day was started back in 1991 to create interest in chemistry Normal Facts:

24. The unit "mole" was introduced into chemistry around 1900 by Ostwald, and he originally defined this unit in terms...
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