I Believe in Living Each Day to the Fullest

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This I Believe…

I believe in an idea that I once learned from my grandfather, an idea that emphasizes you to do what you love in life and to be with the people you love. He taught me to live each day to the fullest. Although I can vaguely remember my father's father, I will never forget his love of life, his appreciation of all the things he had, or the way he would come home and have dinner with his family every night. These are the things my father tends to remember my grandfather by, but I, on the other hand, remember all the little things he used to do for the people around him, like always holding the door for the person behind him, even if it meant waiting a little longer, or just talking to you after a hard day.

These little things are what made my grandfather so special to me and my family. I can remember back when I was about six or seven and my grandfather, my brother, and I set out on a journey. We set out to a local toy store to get a new Power Ranger toy. My brother and I had been trying to get this special toy for a couple of months now, and my grandfather pledged that we would not stop until we found this toy. We ended up searching about five stores and heading all the way down to Jenkintown, but my brother and I got what we wanted. I am telling you this story because my grandfather strongly believed that if he told you he would do something, there is a very good chance it was going to get done, not only does it demonstrate that he was a man of his word but it shows how far he would go for someone he loved.

All of these things my grandfather is remembered by can be translated into one idea. We should always be living life to the fullest. Sure, it's scary to know that in one instance our lives could be over, but you just can't live your life scared. You have to embrace the fact that the time you have on this Earth is limited and life is just too short to be making stupid mistakes or to be regretting a decision you made in...
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