I Believe in Camping

Topics: Campfire, Camping, Campsite Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: September 3, 2013
I Believe in Camping
I believe in camping. Just getting away from the real world for a few days, being with nature and loved ones. Being able to sit around the campfire roasting hot dogs and marshmallows and of course most important of all sharing stories. While I was growing up my parents and their friends loved going camping. By no means were we the type of people to drive hours into the deep forest and set up tents. Every family had their own RV and we would stay at an actually camp ground away from bears and other scary wild life. When us kids were younger, we would always go off and explore. As we got older, schedules became more and more hectic; sport and band practices couldn't be missed, too much homework, friends wanted to hang out. I no longer looked forward to those camping trips. I wouldn't be able to see my friends or even talk to them; there sometimes would be no cell phone reception! This of course was a huge deal. My parents obviously still wanted to go to see their friends so I had to go as well. Sometimes, there wasn't anyone else my age and it was just me and the adults. After dinner, everyone would sit around the camp fire. Some nights there would be a race or football game and all the guys would surround the TV so us girls got the camp fire to ourselves. Sitting around the camp fire I was able to hear so many stories from the ladies. Stories from their high school days, college, and even more recent stories. Sometimes as kids and even as young adults we tend to think our parents or other adults don't know what's best. Most teens believe "oh well, my parents are so old they have no clue what today's life is like." But there is a saying "Oldies but Goodies". Well, I learned that statement is very true. Yes, all of the adults grew up in a different time period than me but, they really do know what times are like today and that they aren’t too different from when they went through them. These...
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