I'M a Bannana and Proud of It

Topics: North America, Race and Ethnicity, Asian people Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: April 4, 2013
In the article of “I’m a Banana and Proud of It”(Choy,1997) explains the reason why he is called a “banana”. Choy begins by expressing his love to his North American citizenship. He mentions that banana means “yellow on the outside and white inside”. In other words, Chinese born in North America behave and act like white people but still look like Asians. Regardless of this nickname Choy believe that it is not a racist term. Likewise, Choy comments that other cultures earn also their own nicknames such as Indians as “apples” and blacks as “Oreo cookies”. As Choy explains what “banana “means, he tells the history of how his parents settled to the BC coast from China. Choy reveals the painful experiences his parents endured when they arrived in North America. Choy’s parents suffered racial bias from North Americans. Moreover, they could not apply for citizenship because of the “Chinese Exclusion laws”. Choy also acknowledges how Chinese people risked their lives during the Second World War, by joining the army. After the war ended, Chinese gained the right to be a North American citizen. Short quote

Psychological damage usually happens when general people call Chinese by a racist term, for example, Chinese are called "Chink" because of the shape of Asian eyes. Such as, Choy said, "'Chink' is a hateful, racist term, stereotyping the shape of Asian eyes: 'a chink in the armour,' an undesirable slit." (Choy,1997,p.170). A person, who stereotypes is a exact race, frequently makes a person to feel shocking. Moreover , racist persons sometimes cause mental break to innocent people where racism would possible to go up when one race get together to another race. Long quote

In Choy's essay, he elaborates how a different group takes control of his race where Choy stated, The Chinese people start to feel about their home life which was poorer. They co-operated with English-language magazines that showed people how to act and what to buy. Seductive Hollywood...
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