Chinese Workers In Pacific Northwest Essay

Topics: United States, 19th century, Pacific Northwest, China, Oregon / Pages: 6 (1295 words) / Published: Mar 16th, 2017
Back in the 19th century, the railroad companies started building railwas in the Pacific Northwest region, and it provided opportunities for immigrant to come to the United States and fulfill their own American dreams. The railroad companies’ representatives went to China for the recruitment, and many Chinese were attracted to working in the United States by the hope of bringing affluent back home. Soon, the Chinese came to the United States crew by crew, and the massive Chinese workforce increased the Asian population in the Pacific Northwest in a few years. The immense Chinese workforce became one of the essential human resources for establishing the railroads in the Pacific Northwest, and the railroad companies boosted the region's economy. Despite the fact that the railroad companies raised the economy in the Pacific Northwest, the Chinese labors suffered from financial hardships, health issues, and inequalities when they were doing laborious works .
The Chinese came to the United States for opportunities, thus they could bring affluence when they return back to their homes. Referring back to the 19th century of China, Qing dynasty, those who had private business or worked for the
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The Chinese were facing financial challenges, and they were trapped in the Pacific Northwest by the labor. The Chinese “sued the Seattle and Walla Walla Railroad” (Wunder 1983, 195) after they continuously worked without getting any wage. The Chinese would not get back to work unless they assured their wages by having an agreement with the railroad companies (196). The Chinese went to the court with the railroad company to negotiate the compensation, and the railroad company had to provide acceptable compensation to get the Chinese back to work. Ultimately, the Chinese labors got a fixed wages even though the wages were still low compared to

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