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A hybrid car definition:

The word hybrid is usually applied to plants and animals which have been cross-bred between species to produce something new. A hybrid car is a passenger vehicle that is driven by a hybrid engine, which can run on two or more fuel sources. In other word, Hybrid cars are primarily gas powered cars with electrical motor assist

Why hybrid car? :

Here are the reasons why you should choose a hybrid car instead of normal car: 1. Hybrid cars are environment friendly. They can reduce pollution by 80 percent. 2. Hybrid cars are economical in medium and long run than normal gasoline cars. 3. Hybrid cars are more reliable than electric cars, as they have gasoline as an alternate fuel. 4. Hybrid cars make less dependent on fossil fuels (gasoline). 5. Regenerative braking actually makes city driving more economical than on the highway. 6. Fuel efficiency is greatly increased (twice).

7. Emissions are greatly decreased.
8. New materials can be implemented.

History of Hybrid Vehicles:

The history of hybrid cars dates back to the late 1800s and 1900s. • 1839: First electric vehicle.
• 1886: Electric powered taxicab in England.
• 1890-1910: Significant improvements in battery technology (lead-acid, nickel-iron). • 1898: Ferdinand Porsche built a hybrid.
• 1900: Pieper introduced hybrid. 
• 1905: Gas-Electric car.
• 1970’s: Arab oil embargo; hybrid VW Taxi.
• 1979: hybrid car built with lawnmower engine.
• 1991: US Advanced Battery Consortium launched major program to produce “super” battery. • 1997: Toyota Prius available in Japan.
• 1999: Honda Insight released in US (70 mpg).
• 2000: Toyota Prius available in US.
• 2002: Honda Civic Hybrid introduced.
• 2004: Toyota Prius II introduced; Ford Escape Hybrid introduced.

Facts about Hybrid Cars:

Some important facts about hybrid cars:-

Hybrid vehicles are a practical solution to the rising greenhouse gas levels and soaring oil prices. Fuel cell technology may be the...
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