How the media has affected the youth

Topics: Human body, Body image, Self-esteem Pages: 6 (1780 words) Published: July 25, 2014

What is body image?
It is the subjective picture or mental image of one's own body.

People view their bodies differently that’s what makes an individual to have his or her own unique style of dressing.

People pick up different styles from different places some have a negative impact while others positive.

Body image includes:

It takes time for some one to come up with an image that can be spotted a mile away by anybody.

Some points to note are how we look at our bodies visually, the feeling we get from our physical appearance, the sense of how others view our body image and how much we are connected to our bodies.

Why body image is important?

A simple explanation as to why body image is a priority to people is because they want to look presentable and admirable to the rest. Women spend hours in the mirror trying to figure out the best way to dress or apply make up. They end up wasting a lot of time trying to fix themselves unlike men who some of them do not own even a mirror in the house.

If some one has a poor body image this can adversely affect the person leading to an increase in weight and no control loss of control of their bodies.

This low self esteem have driven many to look for options so as to boost their body confidence. Some opt to do dieting, exercising lot, laxative abuse, vomiting, smoking and use of steroids in order to control weight/body which is dangerous and leads to negative body image.

A quote may can relate with “There is always a vicious circle here: the more a person focuses on his or her body, the worse a person tends to feel about how he or she looks-obsession leads to discontent”.

The human body thrives through compliments from different people this makes a person feel satisfied with the way they look. Negative compliments tend to make some one feel depressed and feel unwanted by the people surrounding them. Good comments about a person’s body image fuel their inner beauty and how they look at the world in general.

A lady wants to be told she look amazing every now and then so that she can feel powerful which triggers her mind that she has control of her body entirely.

But if a lady receives bad comments relating to how she looks her mind is set that no one likes her and she not worth looking at this is what leads people to do plastic surgery and the recent trend which is bleaching.

How to develop a body image?
When growing up body image was never an issue because our parents dressed us the way they knew best. Some times a child could wear all colors at the same time that prompted criticism from the friends.

At a certain age that’s when a person starts to develop his or her own style. The most common was by watching how other people were dressing and how they looked with a hairstyle or shoes that defined their identity.

The people around us mostly our friends help to develop our body image, conversations about clothes, looks and attractiveness provide a context for paying attention to interpreting appearance related information.

Friends are very important in body image development because of the sheer amount of time involved, the value of friendships and the way in which friends create shared norms and expectations about appearance.

The Media
This is the most powerful tool that has contributed significantly. This is through the various forms of media in the society for example Magazines, Internet (social media platforms available), Television and Radio.

Many youth look up to different celebrity figures mostly in the entertainment industry the musicians and movie actors/actresses. I carried out a study to see to what extent the celebrities affect a person image and the results were astonishing.

A lady from Nairobi who chose to be anonymous said that she looks up to Vera Sidika who is a famous socialite in Kenya who has earned her money through strutting her body. The lady...
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