Identity Speech (eating disorders)

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What defines you? Is it the clothes you wear? The colour of your eyes? The names that people have slapped onto you? The amount of money you have? What exactly makes you the person that you are?
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Many people have the idea stuck in their mind that your appearance is most important. People tend to get caught up in the vicious cycle of constantly thinking they aren’t good enough. The way you see your body is not always a correct representation of what you actually look like. For example, a person may perceive themselves to be fat when in reality they are underweight. How a person sees themselves is their perceptual body image. The impact of low self-esteem can lead into many harmful habits or even into eating disorders. Eating disorders have a significant and underestimated impact on Australian society. Unfortunately not enough of us take them seriously and they can easily be brushed off. So I did some research into them a little deeper and collect the following facts. •At the end of 2012 it was estimated that eating disorders affected nearly 1 million Australians •Eating disorders are the 3rd most common chronic illness in young females •The Australian National Survey, revealed that body image was identified as the number one concern of 29,000 males and females •A study of nearly 9,000 adolescents showed one in five teenage girls have starved themselves or vomit up their food to control their weight. •Eating disorders are estimated to affect approximately 9% of the population. That nearly 1 out of 10 people

Research shows that 1 in 5 individuals with an eating disorder who died prematurely had committed suicide

70% of adolescent girls have body dissatisfaction

It is important to remember that you cannot change some aspects of your appearance. Your height, muscle composition and bone structure are determined by your genes; this is the way you are born. And regardless of how much you want to change it, that can’t be done....
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