History WW2 in South East Asia

Topics: Singapore, British Empire, Education Pages: 4 (685 words) Published: May 2, 2014
intent of providing for education
neglect or freedom of choice (irony…)
effect of varying education systems

19th century, few education institutions provided by British •20th century, increase in demand for English-trained people •provided grants to set up schools, Singapore Institution(RI- 1868) •established Queen's scholarship to further studies

Medical schools built by Asian leaders
More money to English and Malay Schools (Chinese schools received less grants because they wet thought to be anti-government, Pro-China) •Created anti-British feelings

English streamed school favoured by the British

Chinese Schools
Protest against the British Government for the ban of the communism activities

Madrasah (Arabic for school):
No funding from MOE
private schools (full time / part time)
religious school
British did not meddle in their affair (Freedom of Education or Don't' Care) •Syed Allied Aljunied -> fund hospitals

British Official's children:
Did they go to english-stream school
Take up places from the locals

Health Care:
High death rate

1887: Public Health Department Set up to improve public health (so as to bot affect trade) •reduce overcrowding
Establishment of General Hospital, outpatient clinics, lunatic asylum, leper camps •Quarantine law: separate disease carriers in St John Island

History of Singapore Anti-Tuberculosis Association
Infopedia article on Tan Tock Seng Hospital
Infopedia article on Alexandra Hospital
Infopedia article on Singapore General Hospital
Infopedia article on Communicable Disease Centre
Infopedia article on Thong Chai Medical Institution
Article on St. Andrew’s Mission Hospital

Law & Order:
Secret Societies
Violence: involved in fights, robberies and murders.
Running of Opium houses, gambling dens and brothels
Abuse of coolies and young girls by coolie agents (bad living and...
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