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Project summary :Event management industry in Pakistan is the most growing industry. The trend of event management is increasing day by day in Pakistan. People are more conscious about their status and they are more interested in celebrating the events in their homes, halls or some other places.
This project is all about opening up the hall for birthday party celebration with boundless fun and technological amusement. For opening of such a hall, there are different activities that are required to be done for final product lay out. Our location is Defence Lahore. The hall space is about 2 kanal having office, store room, kitchen and a big 1 kanal hall. RS. 185.58 MILLION Estimation is required for construction.
Basically our target market is all kids and adults who love to celebrate their birthday with unlimited friends along with unlimited fun. Constraints and assumptions are also included in this project.
Project Charter:
Project title: construction of hall for Birthday party celebration
Project start date: 23-8-2014 project finish date: 2-7-2015
Project manager: Sania faryal ,36637879,
Project objectives:
Construction of hall for birthday parties which will be situated in Defence. hall space is about 2 kanal completed within 11 month approximately based on Lahore Development authority defined standard.Budgeted amount 185.58 MILLION Is required for construction.
Develop detail cost estimation for project and report
Use internal staff and advisors as much as possible for planning ,analysis and documentation
Project reports that have been completed will b reviewed
Roles and responsibilities: name role responsibiltySaneela naseemProcurmnet manager Controlling procurements
Rehman butt CEO Project sponserAyesha adeelCIO Monitor project
Sania faryal Project manager Assigning duties in organogramand in charge for being work and controlled accordingly

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