This Assignment Is an Individual Piece of Work and Accounts for 10% of Your Phase 2 Marks. Good Pieces of Work Will Show Most or All the Following Characteristics: • an Ability to Go Beyond Describing What Happened by

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1.4 UKCCA Party Project assignment brief

Sharmeen Ahmed, Marketing & Events Officer at the UKCCA has asked you for help with organising a Christmas party event to attract students into the centre. She wants you to come up with an idea for an attractive theme for the party and to present projections for the costs and projected profit for the event.

Learning Objectives

This project will help you:

* To understand the importance of profit and cash flow and be able to apply the concepts to simple businesses (real or in a case study) * To understand the difference between fixed and variable costs, explain why it matters and apply the concepts to given examples * To communicate simple financial information

* To demonstrate interpersonal skills of effective listening, negotiating and persuasion * To write in report format to communicate a variety of business topics * To manage your time to meet deadlines and obligations including those to other members of your group * To understand the requirements for professionalism in business and show evidence of meeting them

The Task
There are two parts to the project. In the first you need to come up with some good creative ideas for the party. This is the first submission – to present all your ideas, a shortlist of five ideas and your preferred option to your manager. You work on this and complete it in Phase 1 Week 3 Pod 2.

The second part is to provide a report showing your chosen idea in detail, including the costs, income and projected profit for the event. To do this you will need to:

* Decide how much people will pay for the party you are thinking of * Find the various costs you will incur for the party
* Calculate the breakeven point for the party and the potential profit for the numbers you think will come * Make a recommendation to the UKCCA on whether or not this is a profitable project to pursue

Your party must be held at the UK Centre for Carnival...
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