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Topics: Mango, Sindh, Chutney Pages: 7 (1975 words) Published: June 24, 2013

PRESENTED TO: Sir Mashooq Pasha

Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University
Jawwad farooq & Anmol latif (BBA)-1


Mango is an important fruit of Sindh, grown in middle and upper districts of the province. Commonly grown varieties of mangoes in Sindh are Sindhri, Saroli, Dasehri, Almas, Langra, Chaunsa, Anwar Ratol, Sunera, Bengal Pali, Laal Badshah, Neelam and Desi. About 80-85% of the mango production of Sindh is that of Sindhri variety.

1.1 Mango Production
Mango is the second largest produced fruit in Pakistan after citrus. Pakistan has shown a healthy growth in mango production during the past five decades. The production grew from 130,000 tons in 1958 to 1,754,000 tons in the year 2008. In 2007, Pakistan was the sixth largest mango producing country after India, China, Mexico, Indonesia and Thailand. Pakistan’s share in global mango production was 5.7%. Mango is primarily grown in two provinces; Sindh and Punjab. In 2008, Sindh contributed 21% to the national mango production. During this year, total mango production in Sindh was 368,070 tons from a total cultivated area of 128,690 acres. Five largest mango producing districts of Sindh (in that order) are Sanghar, Nausheroferoz, Tando Allahyar, Mirpurkhas and Matiari; accounting for 62% of the total mango production from Sindh.

1.2. Mango Export
Pakistan is the sixth largest exporter of mangoes in the world. In 2007-08, Pakistan exported 61,632 tons of mangoes; while in 2006-07, export figure was 105,210 tons. Pakistan’s compounded annual growth rate of mango exports during the period 2000-07 remained as 3.2%, which was much lower than the export market growth rate of 9.0% during the same time period. This indicates that Pakistan has not been able to tap the growing potential of fresh mango export market. Two main mango varieties exported from Pakistan are Sindhri and Chaunsa; Sindhri being the main variety of Sindh. USA is the largest market for mango imports in the world; accounting for about one fifth of the total global mango imports. However, Pakistan has not been able to enter into this market due to quality compliance issues. During the last three years, there has been a shift in distribution of Pakistan’s mango exports. Middle East 80.3% Other Asia 2.9% Europe 16.4% Others Regions 0.4% Pakistan's Mango Export Distribution - 2005-06 (Source: Federal Bureau of Statistics) Middle East 63.1% Other Asia 3.8% Europe 32.3% Others Regions 0.8% Pakistan' Mango Export Distribution - 2007-08 (Source: Federal Bureau of Statistics) Within a period of two years, the share of Europe has doubled to become 32%; while the share of Middle East has shrunk to 63%. This trend is indicative of the diversification strategy adopted by Pakistani mango exporters. Within Middle East, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Oman are the large importers; while in Europe, UK is the largest importer of Pakistani mangoes. 2. POTENTIAL INVESTMENT PROJECTS IN MANGO SECTOR

Currently approximately 3 per cent of mangoes are processed into value added products such as pulp for use in drinks and ice cream, canned mangoes and dried mangoes. Brief introduction to potential investment opportunities in mango sector in Sindh is provided in the following paragraphs:

2.1. Mango Pulping Facility
Mango pulps are important value added products having demand in both local and export markets. The local market of fruit juices, nectars and drinks has been growing at a very high rate during the past five years. Consequently, the demand for fruit pulps has also increased during this period. The products will be sold in local and export markets. The proposed facility will contribute towards reducing the post harvest losses, increasing employment opportunities in the area and maximizing crop value for the farmers. In order to improve the viability of this project, the possibility of adding tomatoes as one of the products for...
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